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Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics

From Americas preeminent columnist, named by the Financial Times the most influential commentator in the nation, the long-awaited collection of Charles Krauthammers essential, timeless writings. A brilliant stylist known for an uncompromising honesty that challenges conventional wisdom at every turn, Krauthammer has for decades dazzled readers with his keen insight into politics and government. His weekly column is a must-read in Washington and across the country. Now, finally, the best of Krauthammers intelligence, erudition and wit are collected in one volume. Readers will find here not only the countrys leading conservative thinker offering a passionate defense of limited government, but also a highly independent mind whose viewson feminism, evolution and the death penalty, for exampledefy ideological convention. Things That Matter also features several of Krauthammers major path-breaking essayson bioethics, on Jewish destiny and on Americas role as the worlds superpowerthat have ...

Title : Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics
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ISBN : 9780385349178
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 400 pages
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Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics Reviews

  • Chris

    Although I am as far to the left as Krauthammer is to the right on most things, I always enjoy his erudite and well-considered views. I checked this book out thinking it was his autobiography, but it is instead a collection of essays, both personal and political, from his 30 years as a columnist. Reading him is food for thought from a different table, and some of the selections are quite tasty.

    I appreciated the introduction and personal essays the most, but what truly spoke to me on an intimate

  • Joseph

    The author does indeed come up with a list of topics that do or should matter to most. And while the specific subject matter (i.e. baseball, chess, bioethics, the Middle East) may not be of particular interest to some, the underlying themes (i.e. fairness, the beauty of logic or physics) are.

    And while one may not always agree with the author’s viewpoint, he does present persuasive arguments and points to ponder from that opposing viewpoint in a respectful and measured manner.

  • Tony Taylor

    This is a collectiosn of Charles Krauthammer's weekly columns and articles he has written over the many years as a political columnist. Many of his articles are interesting as well as well as enlightening; all of them are short and easy to read. This is one of those books that one picks up and reads a donzen pages or so in between other readings. Actually I found the introduction as interesting and informative as many of his articles. Krauthammer writes of his interesting background having once ...more

  • David

    While I am not in complete agreement with all of his conservative opinions, I found this to be an excellent, thought-provoking book. The book is a collection of his newspaper and magazine columns, and speeches that he has given on many occasions. As the subtitle mentions, the essays cover thirty years of politics and history. Also, a few of the essays describe his own life. I've read some of his newspaper columns in the past, but I did not realize that he suffered a paralyzing accident while in ...more

  • Anita Pomerantz

    I just can't bring myself to give a compilation of columns, no matter how well chosen and organized, a five star rating, so we will have to settle for four stars, but that being said, the book is excellent.

    Of course there are a few caveats:

    - My review is totally biased because I love Krauthammer's writing and often agree with his views

    - Although he is a former Democrat, he is now clearly conservative, and since I lean that way on almost every non social issue, well my views are especially simpat

  • Brendan Steinhauser

    I just finished this great book by Charles Krauthammer, one of the smartest, best writers on the right. The book is a collection of his writings over the decades for The Washington Post, Time Magazine, and other publications. His writing is compelling, intellectual, and conservative. This book is a fast read, and I am not surprised that it has sold more than one million copies since its publication. Congrats to Charles for an outstanding book.

  • Don

    Krauthammer's best seller is a compilation of many of his articles over the past 30+ years. I enjoy reading his regular Washington Post columns every week. I was unaware that he started out as a Democrat and once worked for Jimmy Carter's presidency. Of course now he is one of the conservative pundits that skewers liberals on a regular basis. He says he left the Democrats when it came to domestic policy when he saw how liberal programs failed time and time again to achieve the promised results. ...more

  • Lola

    Words I'd use to describe Charles Krauthammer after reading this collection of dozens of his essays:


    Entertainingly pompous

    A likable know-it-all

    Sometimes angry

    A masterful wordsmith

    Possessing a concrete sense of right and wrong




    Highly intelligent

    Krauthammer is absolutely a beautiful writer, but if you do not have his precise, very high education, many of his arguments and use of foreign-language words are inaccessible. I strive to have this man's command of the la