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I'll Give You the Sun

We were all heading for each other on a collision course, no matter what. Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story. At first, Jude and her twin brother Noah, are inseparable. Noah draws constantly and is falling in love with the charismatic boy next door, while daredevil Jude wears red-red lipstick, cliff-dives, and does all the talking for both of them. Years later, they are barely speaking. Something has happened to change the twins in different yet equally devastating ways . . . but then Jude meets an intriguing, irresistible boy and a mysterious new mentor. The early years are Noahs to tell; the later years are Judes. But they each have only half the story, and if they can only find their way back to one another, theyll have a chance to remake their world. This radiant, award-winning novel from the acclaimed author of The Sky Is Everywhere will leave you breathless and teary and laughingoften all at once. Printz Award Winner Stonewall Honor Book...

Title : I'll Give You the Sun
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ISBN : 9780803734968
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 371 pages
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I'll Give You the Sun Reviews

  • Sophia

    emotionally, this book deserves 13049820394234 stars.

    when i take into account the rushedrushedrushed ending and the predictability, i feel like it deserves 4 stars.

    so, 4.5 stars it is.

    the characters are so alive, so well-developed, so flawed, and so beautiful. the story is gorgeous.

    this book is a must-read.

  • karen

    "I love you," I say to him, only it comes out, "Hey."

    "So damn much," he says back, only it comes out, "Dude."

    i think this one was also a 3.5 for me. there were things i liked SO MUCH about it, and then there were things that bothered me a little. (and not just my fear of twins this time)

    first to the good.

    i enjoyed the unusual structure - the fact that it alternates between the voices of twins noah and jude where noah's story takes place when they are 13 and jude's takes place when they are 1

  • C.G. Drews

    I JUST WANT TO ART NOW. This book has inspired me so much I simply cannot contain the beautifulness of it. It definitely goes down as one of the most BEAUTIFULLY written books ever.

    Although I did have a rocky start with it. I'm a pretty much black-and-white thinker...I'm creative (I write!) but sometimes when things get too metaphorical and lyrical and off-the-universe-imaginative...I LOSE IT. So the beginning of the book had me floundering. I found Noah's chapters really hard to grip onto with

    “I gave up practically the whole world for you,” I tell him, walking through the front door of my own love story. “The sun, stars, ocean, trees, everything, I gave it all up for you.”

    The thing with Noah and Jude is...I relate. Not to the extent of how they buried themselves in dream-shredding lies and secrets. But I just related TO them. They were so real. Everyone in this book is just so darn real. It's like being Jude and Noah. I felt like I was them for their chapters and I just...I could barley contain the thrill of experiencing their world. Even the secondary characters pop off the page with the tinest paragraph. Oscar, G., Brian, the crazy parrot, the parents, the dead grandma...woah. It was so so real and beautiful and messy and cruel and heartbreaking. (I also love their names. NOAH! JUDE! Love it!)

    My only tiny twitchiness came with one half of the romance which is (view spoiler)

    I just want to art, okay? I just need to go away and art after this incredible masterpiece. And I'm already at my library to find The Sky is Everywhere , because I need more of this author in my life. ASAP.

    Jude and Noah are my favourite. Eccentric. Rash. Hateful. Real. Wickedly artistic. Wickedly painful. THEY ARE ADORABLE AND I LOVE THIS BROTHER AND SISTER BOOK MORE THAN ANYTHING. ...more

  • Brian Yahn

    One of the best books I've read in a long long time, I'll Give You the Sun, gave me the chills, gave me a heart attack, gave me everything I ever wanted from a love story.

    (Self-portrait: boy in love with a book)

    The narrators have such fun voices, the writing and use of artistic metaphors is beautiful, and the pacing is amazing. Pretty much everything about this book is perfect. It's essentially Gone Girl meets Romeo and Juliet. The characters connect so cohesively with their incredibly dark-twis

  • Liam

    what a truly beautiful book!!


    I got so emotionally invested in this book that I became hooked and fell completely in love with it!

    When I first started reading it took a while to get into purely because of how unique the writing style is. But when you do get used to it you see just how amazingly well written this book is.

    One of my favourite things was the way the story was told from different point of views from years apart! It kept me gr

  • Emily May

    This book should be called I'll Give You Death by Artistic Metaphor. It seems like I'm in the minority on this one, but I did not like the writing style at all.

    I guess it should be noted that I was also not a fan of the author's first novel - The Sky is Everywhere - which everyone but heartless little me seemed to love. Unlike many people I know, I picked this one up because the premise intrigued me and not because of a love for the author's previous work.

    You may be thinking: this is a poetic no


    “This is what I want:

    I want to grab my brother’s hand and run back through time, losing years like coats falling from our shoulders.”



    WOW! What a wonderfully written spectacular tale. Are there perfect words to delineate the way I feel about this? Absolutely not! It's been such a long time since I actually genuinely enjoyed a book this much. Any book can make you laugh, it's the ones that break your heart, I treasure. For months I haven

    - "I am my brother’s keeper"

    - “Reality is crushing.

    The world is a wrong-sized shoe.

    How can anyone stand it?”

    - “I love you," I say to him, but it only comes out, "Hey"

    "So damn much," he says back, it only comes out, "Dude”

    - “I'm falling forward with the force of two years of buried grief,

    the sorrow of ten thousand oceans finally breaking inside me-

    I let it. I let my heart break.”



    It's the pride month, we all know what that means! If you have any, please recommend me your favorite books with LGBT characters. Oh maybe it's time to revisit The Dream Thieves after this. 🏳️‍🌈 ...more

  • Theresa

    I read "I'll Give You the Sun" when it was released back in 2014, and I still can't write a proper review for it. So I'll just keep it short and to the point. This little beauty right here is the BEST YA novel I've ever read (and I've read a lot of them). Jandy Nelson has the soul of a poet. Her prose/writing style is electric, emotional, and truly a gift from God. I cried so many times. I still think about all the wonderful/tragic things that happened to the twins, Noah and Jude. The characters ...more