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Hunter's Trail (Scarlett Bernard #3)

Actions have consequencesa lesson Scarlett Bernard is learning the hard way. As a null, Scarlett has always been able to negate the powers of the supernatural beings that surround her. But now her reckless decision to permanently change Eli from a werewolf to a human has left the Los Angeles werewolf pack in shambles, and upset the balance of power among the citys supernatural factions. To make matters worse, Scarletts employers discover that a newly changed werewolf is running amok in the city. To catch the rogue werewolf, Scarlett will need help from both Eli and Detective Jesse Cruz of the LAPDa situation that will force her to finally choose between them.However, Scarlett and her friends arent the only ones on the huntsomeone else is chasing the wolf. Someone with no reservations about collateral damage. Now Scarlett and her allies must stop both the rogue wolf and the deadly hunter before the full moon rises and all hell breaks loose.Filled with the same suspense and wit readers l...

Title : Hunter's Trail (Scarlett Bernard #3)
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ISBN : 20896764
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 386 pages
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Hunter's Trail (Scarlett Bernard #3) Reviews

  • ☀Rachael☀

    Loved it! Love Scarlett and now love Shadow!!

  • Jonmontanavega

    I've kept reading the series because the audio is free. Narrator is to soft for me to hear when she is supposed to whisper.

    The plots jump from one paranormal threat to another. Neither the female MC - a null in both magical and dictionary sense - nor the two lead male characters are worth wearing out your reading ears or eyes.

  • Lena

    The best story so far. I would like to see Scarlett become more ruthless but she is becoming more powerful and that will do for now.

    I appreciate that at the end of the book she chooses between Jesse and Eli because, while casually dating two guys is no big deal, having two guys loving, whining, and judging you is not. This book had less guilt strewn dialogue to skip through which is a major plus.

    I hope the author continues to develop the Scarlett character and not just end the series because t

  • Pamela

  • Allison

    This series grew on me. It started out fine, but nothing special. Just one of those that I liked but didn't love. Mainly that's because of the whole love triangle thing. I'm happy with how that went, and that it didn't consume the entire book/series, although it had moments. It wasn't how I thought it was going to go either, so bonus points for that.

    The Old World happenings were interesting, too. I do like the world and the concept of nulls, and I ended up really liking this last book. It may h

  • thao vi

    More Scarlett please!!

  • Deanna

    Hunter's Trail by Olson is the final installment in the Scarlett Bernard series. Scarlett is trying to recover from a seizure that out her in a coma after changing Eli from werewolf back to human. Despite her knee injury and vertigo, she is still in call when a female body is left on the doorstep of the local alpha. After the appearance of the second body, Scarlett again teams up with Detective Jessie Cruz to hunt the werewolf responsible. The investigation gets even more complicated when a were ...more

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

    This series never invested me fully – I think there is something loose about the paranormal worldbuilding, I didn’t like the head vamp honcho, and the main character’s stubbornness to see morals rubbed me the wrong way in the first book. That said, these aren’t bad books – they’re just not going to be favorites for me and I don’t have enough interest to continue the other series they spawned.

    The ending half was better than the rest of the book, almost bumping it to four starts. We’ll go with 3.5