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Painting the Moon (Chilton Crosse #1)

When Noelle Cooke inherits a quaint English cottage and an art gallery from her famous Aunt Joy, she welcomes a departure from her San Diego routine. But the lure of the Cotswolds, combined with a locked cottage room and a revealing journal, entice her to stay and discover more, including a way to save the gallery from financial ruin. And that means remaining in England. When her childhood sweetheart, Adam Spencer, begins work on a restoration project in Noelles village, their friendship blossoms. But as her feelings for Adam deepen, she struggles with memories of what might have been and yearns for a future once thought lost. Faced with a life-altering revelation Aunt Joy took to her grave and a wrenching choice regarding the man she loves, Noelle could lose far more than her heart....

Title : Painting the Moon (Chilton Crosse #1)
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ISBN : 9781940215327
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 300 pages
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Painting the Moon (Chilton Crosse #1) Reviews

  • Nucking Futs the Fire Fairy Book-a-holic

    From the first chapter, Painting The Moon has captivated me with its picturesque settings. I’ve always wanted to visit quaint little villages in Great Britain and this was set in just one. The setting was beautifully written and I can perfectly imagine what the place looks like.

    For me, Painting The Moon is more of a women’s fiction than romance. In fact, the romance aspect of the story a bit bland. Which is just perfect for this kind of story. It’s a great book and definitely entertaining to re

  • Monica Tomasello

    This was an enjoyable easy read.

  • Angel Hatfield

    Noelle always sought the ocean during troubling times and did again when she got a letter postmarked from London. She read that her aunt Joy had died. Noelle thought about summers spent with her grandmother and aunt they had taught her how to paint, enjoy literature, and love life. She had been to see her aunt in 14 years since she had been 17. Her aunt had a meltdown and none knew why then her aunt basically became a recluse. Noelle had tried to call and write with no answers. Then Noelle recei ...more

  • Donna McBroom-Theriot

    I loved Painting the Moon. It was enchanting, romantic and adventurous. One of the only ways I can explain just how much I enjoyed the book and the author's writing style (which I hope to read more of) is to use a few of my favorite quotes from the book. I'm sure you'll agree once you've experience the writing.

    "...her aunt had proclaimed it the most beautiful sheep she had ever seen, and Noelle had believed her. They painted every summer after that. Noelle still heard the swishy brushstrokes, s

  • Tina Moss

    Brilliant, beautiful, and heartwarming story about love in all it's wondrous facets. Borum's use of color and imagery, inspired by the snippets of painting advice laced throughout the book, make the novel rich, vibrant, and alive with feeling. Each quote of artistic instruction to start the chapter resonates as a kind guide about life as well as art. I rooted for Noelle the entire time, looking at her through the lens of a big sister and wishing her to succeed. I connected with best friend Jill ...more

  • A Klue

    If you are looking for a romantic, angst-filled, second chance at love read, you may want to consider Painting the Moon by Traci Borum. There is no physical drama here or “make you blush” steamy scenes, my romance book-loving friends. It’s all about the emotions. Ms. Borum proves you don’t need a lot of dirty talk to speak the language of love. Instead, she uses longing, regret, memories, innocent touches, and stolen glances to convey the main couple’s chemistry.

    Noelle has never gotten over her

  • Ruth

    Noelle is unsettled in her life and job in San Diego. The best part of her life is her house right on the beach but even that will change as her roommate gets married and leaves. She receives a letter from a lawyer in London discovering the her beloved aunt, who had some horrific event occur causing her to become a recluse, has died. She has inherited her aunt's cottage and art gallery in England. Noelle decides to return to take care of cleaning out and selling her aunt's cottage and gallery. H ...more

  • Cheryl

    Second chances...

    What a wonderful tale this was! I enjoyed it from the very first page and felt like I knew every character in it intimately.

    I ended up wanting friends just like Jill and Adam and a life just like Noelle had in the Cotswolds in her perfect little cottage.

    The prose flowed smoothly; the descriptions soared and swooped and enticed; the characters were like old friends.

    I'm excited that there might be a sequel to this tale. I don't whether it would continue with the existing character