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Saga, Vol. 4 (Saga #4)

Saga is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the universe. As they visit a strange new world and encounter even more adversaries, baby Hazel finally becomes a toddler, while her star-crossed parents Marko and Alana struggle to stay on their feet.Collecting: Saga 19-24 ...

Title : Saga, Vol. 4 (Saga #4)
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ISBN : 9781632150776
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 152 pages
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Saga, Vol. 4 (Saga #4) Reviews

  • Bradley

    Re-Read 5/14/18:

    So I'm revising this down to four stars. Why? Because it is, conceivably, the weakest of all the volumes. It's not that it's bad, but that so many crappy things happen... or are caused by... the characters I love the most.

    Too much whining, too much indulgence, and just when they're both acting the most selfishly, FATE has to intervene.

    So. Crap. This is the downturn. This is the start of a tragedy that, fortunately, is not forever. Things GET BETTER. *Sob* But first, sometimes, a

  • Sushi

    Well, hellooo Gwendolyn. I think I'll forever be in awe that somebody actually drew you into existence.

    The Lying cat is turning out to be one of my favorite characters from this series. Loyal pets that end up saving the day always make for the best characters.

    I still don't give a damn about Alana and Marko and their boring issues, but I really like the Grandma and how Ghus has entered the picture. After all the bloodshed and things you can't unsee because it's all so graphic, the cuteness fact

  • Melanie

    Vol. 1 ★★★★

    Vol. 2 ★★★★

    Vol. 3 ★★★★★

    Honestly, I had to read something I knew I loved after watching The Walking Dead premiere last night. It's too bad that this volume decided to kick me more in the feels than that heartbreaking episode, but I digress.

    This volume really highlights the struggle of "non-practical" house dynamics. Alana is now a working mother, and Marko is now a stay-at-home dad. The resentment from both sides is really hurting their relationship and it was really hard to see/read

  • Nat

    This review contains *spoilers*.

    I loved how close the family was at the beginning. Alana and Marko were so sweet with Hazel.

    They had this super adorable scene and then this happens

    That one sentence made me tear up.

    I’m so shocked with what went down in this volume. I honestly can’t believe Marko and Alana were split up at the end. I care for the two of them together so,so much. My heart hurts for everything they’re going through.

    Hazel summed up my feelings pretty well “I guess I’m not sure what

  • Will M.

    This fourth installment was not as perfect as the last one, but it was still fucking amazing.

    The plot continues to thicken and the characters keep getting better at what they do. While this one started off slow, the pacing improved while nearing the middle. A lot of unexpected things happened plus an annoying cliffhanger in the end. I can't wait to read the next volume to know what's going to happen with (view spoiler). Add the fact that while Haz

  • Raeleen Lemay


  • Steph Sinclair

    OMG that ending. How is it possible for this series to be so consistently amazing?! Need volume 4 immediately.

  • Algernon

    Once again, I waited six months for the new Saga trade and finished it in a couple of hours. Just as I got up to date with the story and thrilled to be back in the universe created by Vaughan and Staple, I am left hanging from the cliff by my fingernails, or better yet, twiddling my thumbs and looking for another comic to read until the next six-pack comes along. I remember reading Y - The Last Man in a similar rush, but I had the advantage of coming to the comic after it was finished, and had