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D DAY Through German Eyes - The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944 (D DAY Through German Eyes #1)

This is the hidden side of D Day which has fascinated readers around the world. Almost all accounts of D Day are told from the Allied perspective, with the emphasis on how German resistance was overcome on June 6th 1944. But what was it like to be a German soldier in the bunkers and gun emplacements of the Normandy coast, facing the onslaught of the mightiest seaborne invasion in history? What motivated the German defenders, what were their thought processes - and how did they fight from one strong point to another, among the dunes and fields, on that first cataclysmic day? What were their experiences on facing the tanks, the flamethrowers and the devastating air superiority of the Allies? This book sheds fascinating light on these questions, bringing together statements made by German survivors after the war, when time had allowed them to reflect on their state of mind, their actions and their choices of June 6th. We see a perspective of D Day which deserves to be added to the histori...

Title : D DAY Through German Eyes - The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944 (D DAY Through German Eyes #1)
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D DAY Through German Eyes - The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944 (D DAY Through German Eyes #1) Reviews

  • Joseph Burtnick

    Detailed and revealing

    The detail the author is able to convey about the events of June the 6th is nothing like I have read before. Each story is different and gives a perspective to the war from the German point of view.

  • Chris

    This book will change the way you think about war. One arbitrary atrocity after another, this book tells it like it is. It's random. It's horrendously random. It's randomly horrendous. Based on interviews of German soldiers who fought in France on June 6 1944, it's a surprisingly dispassionate series of accounts. But the clinical detachment does nothing to hide the brutal horror of it all. Pair with Keegan's more academic, more thoughtful "The Face of Battle" for a transformative synthesis.

  • Anna Ballard

    This book was very interesting as it gave the personal stories of the men on the front lines (in the bunkers) one from each of the five beaches. It was in interview form as the man planning the book was a journalist, interviewing the men about ten years after the war. The stories were quite similar as they were in the bunkers that were supposed keep the invaders off the beaches. The last one was a lieutenant in charge of a battery for bigger guns (which had not been delivered yet) and was a litt ...more

  • Hatim Qa

    It is always good to see through things from the point of view of others and I think that this book captures this idea very well. In this compilation of interviews one thing that I found to be repeated by the interviewees is that Americans will probably do the same if they were in their place. It is a thought provoking and quite gruesome look at the war.

    كتاب فيه مقابلات مع عدة ألمان ممن حاربوا يوم D Day وهو اليوم الي نزلت فيه قوات التحالف الأمريكية في نورمندي لتحرير فرنسا من الإحتلال الألماني،

  • Jim

    This is a remarkable and fascinating series of interviews with German soldiers who served on the Atlantic Wall in Normandy on the day of the Allied invasion of France in 1944. Most of what we read and see about D-Day or the entire Second World War itself is depicted from the Allied perspective. This short but powerful book gives a fresh look at a battle that seems to many of us quite familiar. The horrors of the battle, the fear and also the compassion present on the German side are presented wi ...more

  • Dave Gladwin

    D-day has always fascinated me, I have always thought about what it was like for the German army in Normandy. We have always seen or read about the greatest invasion of all from the allied perspective but I have always thought, imagine seeing it coming at you. One of the interesting perspectives of this book is that the author's grandfather had interviewed soldiers across the Atlantic wall prior to the invasion as propaganda for military publications, and then was able to interview the survivors ...more

  • Olivia

    Hard to read -- given the graphic details of battle -- but gaining perspective on "the other side" makes it worthwhile. Read it and you'll feel as though you're eavesdropping on five very candid conversations.

  • Nicolette Harding

    The authors grandfather interviews German soldiers in 1955, 10 years after visiting batteriers or Atlantic Wall they built on the shores of France.

    I've never met a German who would speak openly if not at all about the time period so this was interesting to read. Most striking was one soldier says running back to his tank he saw a fellow German soldier lying.dead with a dead Canadian soldier. The German said they looked the same, he couldnt tell them apart except for their uniforms. It.only regi