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Cooking for Picasso

For readers of Paula McLain, Nancy Horan, and Melanie Benjamin, this captivating novel is inspired by a little-known interlude in the artists life.The French Riviera, spring 1936: Its off-season in the lovely seaside village of Juan-les-Pins, where seventeen-year-old Ondine cooks with her mother in the kitchen of their family-owned Caf Paradis. A mysterious new patron whos slipped out of Paris and is traveling under a different name has made an unusual requestto have his lunch served to him at the nearby villa hes secretly rented, where he wishes to remain incognito.Pablo Picasso is at a momentous crossroads in his personal and professional lifeand for him, art and women are always entwined. The spirited Ondine, chafing under her familys authority and nursing a broken heart, is just beginning to discover her own talents and appetites. Her encounter with Picasso will continue to affect her life for many decades onward, as the great artist and the talented young chef each pursue their ow...

Title : Cooking for Picasso
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Cooking for Picasso Reviews

  • Liz

    One of my regrets was not taking an art appreciation class in college. So, I have a thing for novels about artists. This book alternates between two time periods. The first is 1936 in Juan-les-Pins during the time Picasso was creating his Minotaur series. The second is modern day, as the granddaughter of the cook researches the prior period.

    It helps to have access to visuals. Thank God for Google and being able to view the paintings in question. It's almost a shame novels like this can't includ

  • Rory

    A bit of a Chick Lit flavor but something for many of us - romance, culture, mystery, treasure hunt. Excellent story - I love it!

  • Susan Ovans

    Pretty awful– trite, predictable, and clichéd. Also, I am tired of books that flash back to tell a parallel story from the past every other chapter. That's this year's trend in fiction, and it's annoying.

  • Suze

    This book was selected for our book club by a member who is a real foodie and in this way the book satisfies. (She cooked us a très délicieux 6-course French dinner based on food descriptions in the book.)

    I found the story of three generations of French women separated through eight decades rather melodramatic. The plot stretched my credibility with umpteen coincidences and characters who were two-dimensional, either hero or villain. The most developed character was Picasso as we saw various fa

  • Susan Heim

    "Cooking for Picasso" is a fascinating blend of fact and fiction. The author's imagining of what occurred during Picasso's stay in the French Riviera in the spring of 1936 felt compellingly real. Those few months had a lasting impact on Ondine, the seventeen-year-old who cooked for him, and the generations that followed. Although the parts about Ondine were my favorite, it was also a delight to read about her granddaughter's quest to find out more about Ondine's life. The characters were vividly ...more

  • Marjorie

    This book is a complete imagining of what might have transpired during a short period of Picasso’s life. It’s true that Picasso took some time away from society in Paris in the spring of 1936. He anonymously rented a villa in the French Riviera. He was going through some nasty marital problems (having a mistress didn’t help there) and he hadn’t been able to paint for months but that spring he was able to paint again. Most of Picasso’s paintings referenced in the book are real except for one.

    I ha

  • Zdenka Medvědí

    Vydejme se společně do slunné Francie. Do kraje tak malebného jako je Provence s malou přímořskou vesničkou Juan - les Pins. Zde žije se svou rodinou mladičká dívka Ondine. Pomáhá vařit v rodinné restauraci a jednoho dne dostanou zajímavou nabídku. Mají vařit pro Patrona, který přijel až z daleké Paříže. Schovaný na vysokém kopci nad městem nikdo neví, kdo to je. Vyvolává to klepy a lidé si domýšlejí různé věci. Jen Ondine a její rodiče vědí, kdo je ten pan tajemný.

    Sám velký Pablo Picasso si zd

  • Linniegayl

    Spanning the time period from 1936 to 2016, this book jumps back and forth to tell the story of two women: Ondine, a young girl living in a small village on the French Riviera in 1936, and Celine, a Hollywood makeup artist, and Ondine's granddaughter, born on the day Ondine died. Interspersed with this is a bit of the story of Ondine's daughter, and Celine's mother Julie.

    In addition to being told from Ondine's and Julie's perspectives, some chapters are also told from Picasso's perspective. For