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Garvey's Choice

Garveys father has always wanted Garvey to be athletic, but Garvey is interested in astronomy, science fiction, readinganything but sports. Feeling like a failure, he comforts himself with food. Garvey is kind, funny, smart, a loyal friend, and he is also overweight, teased by bullies, and lonely. When his only friend encourages him to join the school chorus, Garveys life changes. The chorus finds a new soloist in Garvey, and through chorus, Garvey finds a way to accept himself, and a way to finally reach his distant fatherby speaking the language of music instead of the language of sports....

Title : Garvey's Choice
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ISBN : 9781629797403
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 120 pages
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Garvey's Choice Reviews

  • Beth Honeycutt

    A sweet, beautiful story in verse. I love Nikki Grimes' books - such a talented poet. The book has several important messages about life.

  • Lisa Bricker

    Ok, I'm seriously impressed. Yes it's Nikki Grimes, so the bar is high, but she soared over it. It's a very short book with very short poems to tell a surprisingly detailed story with a very strong heart.

  • Sherry

    Loved this verse novel about a father's expectations and his son's desire to be himself.

  • Jade Crowell

    This is a decent book. To read it you must have a strong grasp of inference and alluded messages. The reason why is this book has minimal text and the messages are kind of hidden within the lines of poetry. The message it sent was good, a chubby kid that can't get along with his dad is lost and only has one friend. He finds himself through chorus and also finds a friend there. And once he tells his dad they become close. Meanwhile, he is working out. A good message, but very cliche. All in all, ...more

  • Amber

    Great lessons for middle school students and a quick read.

  • Stacy Fetters

    "Smile showing up like hope till ugly whispers from last year echo in memory, scraping that smile from my lips."

    Received at BEA Chicago 2016

    Writing a book all in verse must be the hardest way to write a book. You not only have to make your work stand out, but you must grasp the reader in a lot fewer words.

    This one comes with a heavy topic. The words bleed and cry with the turn of each chaptering page.

    Garvey is overweight and kind of nerdy. With one friend who encourages him in everything he does

  • Laura

    Stars wink, words slap, and laughter spatters in the pages and poems of Garvey’s Choice by Nikki Grimes. This beautiful story is told in verse with emotion and force. A story about a boy finding his way at home, school, and life.

    “I’m just beginning

    to learn what I am made of,

    to pay attention

    to the kid in my own eyes,

    starting to like what I see.

    I feel unwritten

    like that song says, in chorus,

    my story untold.

    I can’t wait to sing the song,

    croon my own untold story.”

    This little book caught me off gua

  • Allyson Maclay

    This book was amazing! As someone who was bullied throughout my school years I can say I wish I read this when I was in middle school.