Read Paper Girls, Vol. 2 (Paper Girls #2) by Brian K. Vaughan Online

Paper Girls, Vol. 2 (Paper Girls #2)

Brian K. Vaughan, #1 New York Times bestselling writer of SAGA, and Cliff Chiang, legendary artist of WONDER WOMAN, return with acclaimed colorist Matt Wilson and innovative letterer JAred K. Fletcher for the second volume of PAPER GIRLS, as the hit series continues with a bold new direction.After surviving the strangest night of their lives in the Cleveland suburb of Stony Stream, intrepid young newspaper deliverers Erin, Mac, and Tiffany find themselves launched from 1988 to a distant and terrifying future... the year 2016.What would you do if you were suddenly confronted by your 12-year-old self? 40-year-old newspaper reporter Erin Tieng is about to find out in this action-packed story about identity, mortality, and growing older in the 21st century.Collects PAPER GIRLS #6-#10...

Title : Paper Girls, Vol. 2 (Paper Girls #2)
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ISBN : 9781632158956
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 128 pages
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Paper Girls, Vol. 2 (Paper Girls #2) Reviews

  • Lola

    Much less confusing and much more entertaining than the first volume.

    I’m happy I didn’t give up on this comic series after the first volume, which usually happens in my case, because there are so many comic series out there I can’t bring myself to read ones I have trouble following.

    But I trusted that by the time this second volume was published the creators had the time to read the concerns of readers and make the storyline more comprehensible.

    And they did, if that’s what happened. Well I stil

  • Anne

    So I mentioned in my review of the original Paper Girls that I had actually read this one first, which might explain why I enjoyed volume one so much, while a lot of my friends were so bewildered that they were on the fence about it. I also think it says something for this volume that I was able to read and enjoy it without being so confused that I couldn't understand it, and liking it so much that it probably made me more enthusiastic than I would have been about the first one.

    So at the end of

  • Lata

    3.5 stars. This set of issues was much better than the first bunch! Things are still mysterious, and there's lots of action, the knights on pterosaurs are back with their bearded leader, and the girls are running around trying to figure out what the heck is going on with their town, while Erin Tieng and Erin Tieng are trying to deal with each other. And there are tardigrades.

  • Anali

    Paper Girls Vol. 2 superó al primer volumen y me encantó.

    Esta vez, la historia fue un poco menos confusa, pero igual mantiene el interés. Me gusta que mantenga el suspenso y hayan situaciones inesperadas. Creo que la historia está muy bien construida.

    Por otro lado, las chicas son demasiado geniales. A veces pienso que están locas, pero son personajes muy interesantes. Aún no me decido cuál me gusta más, si Erin, Mac, Tiffany o K.J.

    Además, el arte es muy cool.

  • Erica📚💕 ( Ericalovesbooks)

    I LOVED this so much I love all the characters and the plot really picks up in this one and yes it's still weird and creepy but that's what makes it unique. Totally recommend

  • Maria (Big City Bookworm)

    It had been a little while since I read volume 1, but I was able to jump right into this volume no problem. The second I started reading, I was able to jump right back into the story. I loved the element of time travel in this volume. I know it was introduced in the first volume, but it really went all Back To The Future in this one. We saw multiple versions of one of the characters which was pretty awesome! I still have a few questions, especially about the extreme future timeline and what the

  • April (Aprilius Maximus)

    i'm still EXTREMELY confused but i'm kind of loving this series???

  • Philip

    4ish stars.

    Three or four questions answered from volume 1, approximately eleventeen more added or left unanswered, give or take. But... I like it? Art good. Colors ooh pretty. Girls cool.

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