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The World's Last Night: And Other Essays

A repackaged edition of the revered authors anthology of satirical yet serious essays on evil.In these spirited essays, C. S. Lewisthe great British writer, scholar, lay theologian, broadcaster, Christian apologist, and bestselling author of Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many other beloved classicsdiscusses evil in the world. Blending irony, humor, and paradox, he tackles religions most difficult and intriguing questions regarding immorality, belief, and the meaning of prayer. Best of all, the infamous Screwtape makes a special cameo appearance in this funny and poignant collection....

Title : The World's Last Night: And Other Essays
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The World's Last Night: And Other Essays Reviews

  • Andrew

    “Screwtape Proposes a Toast” and “Good Work and Good Works” are definitely the highlights. The eponymous essay is actually a non-theological treatise on the reasons behind our belief in the Second Coming. A welcome addition for CSL fans, but skippable for others. Unless you just read those two aforementioned essays.

  • Christiana

    Great. Reading "Religion and Rocketry" immediately after finishing Out of the Silent Planet is illuminating on many levels.

  • Mary

    Great series of essays and assorted bric-a-brac from Jack:

    Efficacy of prayer is not about getting what we want, c.f. Christ's plea to remove the cup ("Efficay of Prayer").

    "Democracy" and the desire to be just average like everybody else inspires insipid mediocrity ("Screwtape proposes a toast").

    Those who promote "culture" often brainwash goody-goodies into liking what they like ("Lilies that fester").

    Alien life forms may be, may be fallen, and may be saved ("Religion and Rockets").

    Christ may hav

  • Vegantrav

    In this collection of seven essays, only one struck me as passably good, "Religion and Rocketry," which examines the implications for Christianity of the possibility of rational, spiritual life on other planets. Two others were merely fair, and the remaining four were forgettable or simply bad.

    These essays, by and large, show Lewis to be a conservative reactionary and cranky misanthrope. He seems to revel in enumerating the evils of humanity and the lack of progress throughout human history. And

  • Germaine Komor

    Thought provoking; very much mid 20th century in regard to women.

  • Dalana Dailey

    Another great collection of essays. I especially liked his thoughts on prayer, sin, and work. Lewis is always insightful and earnest. I love starting my mornings and closing out my evenings with his musings.

  • Casey

    Thoroughly enjoyed this collection of Lewis essays. “The World’s last Night” is freshest on my mind, and of this piece I say: Lewis totally slays. Timeless writings.

  • Wendy

    Seven essays, some good, some just so-so.