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Jacqueline Carey is back with an amazing adventure not seen since her New York Times bestselling Kushiels Legacy series. Lush and sensual, Starless introduces us to an epic world where exiled gods live among us, and a hero whose journey will resonate long after the last page is turned.Let your mind be like the eye of the hawkDestined from birth to serve as protector of the princess Zariya, Khai is trained in the arts of killing and stealth by a warrior sect in the deep desert; yet there is one profound truth that has been withheld from him.In the court of the Sun-Blessed, Khai must learn to navigate deadly intrigue and his own conflicted identitybut in the far reaches of the western seas, the dark god Miasmus is rising, intent on nothing less than wholesale destruction.If Khai is to keep his souls twin Zariya alive, their only hope lies with an unlikely crew of prophecy-seekers on a journey that will take them farther beneath the starless skies than anyone can imagine....

Title : Starless
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ISBN : 9780765386823
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 592 pages
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Starless Reviews

  • Deirdre

    Mmmm, a game of two halves or rather a tale of three thirds.. I enjoyed the extended training of the first 30%. I had a distinct understanding of the nature and character of the brothers. They had flaws and strengths and I enjoyed reading about them.

    The move to Court was uneven. Some good, some irritating. The wives and children of the king blend together with few individuals standing out.

    Final third, I feel the characters were more or less reduced to verbal tics, yah, my darling? The pacing wa

  • Naomi

    It is so satisfying to read a great standalone fantasy novel. The characters shone throughout this book. The world building was good, and there is so much world to explore, if there's ever another story in this world. The plot was action packed and intense. I liked the slow start, the way it picked up speed all the way to the climax. Mostly I loved Khai. Such a good character. They were strong, and smart, and complex. It was so fun to read about them. Jacqueline Carey always blows me away. Her w ...more

  • Unabridged Bibliophile

    3.5 stars. I felt like it was very unbalanced. The beginning was very drawn out and detailed, yet the second half of the book - the real "meat" of the story - was so rushed I didn't really have a chance to care too deeply for some characters.

  • Rebecca

    “Let your mind be like the eye of the hawk.”

    I finished this book a few days ago, and it’s still running wild in my head. Starless is a book that pulls you straight into its world, and you can’t get enough of it. At least in my case. I’m secretly hoping that we’ll get see more of this world because it deserves more than one book.

    But let’s talk about the book first before I start speculating about possible sequels. The following review may contain spoilers, so please be aware of that.

    I haven’t r

  • Jonathan Scotese

    Only did one read through so far. Probably better ways to see/describe it, but to me it seemed Jaqueline Carey's take on "Pirates of Dark Water" with her beautiful prose and lush worldbuilding.

    I really hope it does well, her fantasy is amazing, but after Banewreaker/Godslayer didn't do well she wrote several urban fantasy type books which were fine, and people probably loved them, but seemed to me to be a waste of her talents. She evokes a sense of epic/mythic wonder so well.

    For those actively

  • Caitlin

    Less sex than usual for Carey, but the same driving message as always. Love is love is love.

    A world where gods walk, many parts of a prophecy exist--and just as many ways of living exist as there are gods.

    Khai belongs to a harsh desert god, and the brotherhood that raised him has withheld a lot of secrets until he is older. But his god-appointed task is to protect a princess who lives in a palace full of intrigue and assassination, so these secrets must be uncovered.

    With culture, custom, and r

  • Scott  Hitchcock


    If you like YA I think you'll like this more than I did. The book started out well and had a couple of nice twists. However the plot was simple and one of the main characters drove me crazy always calling her counterpart My Heart, My Darling, My This and My That. In the end the second half was a slog for me.

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)

    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum

    I’m a huge fan of Jacqueline Carey and will read anything she writes no matter the genre or subject, but I do believe she is in her element whenever she tackles epic fantasy because the format lends itself well to her style. Hence, I was so excited when I found out about Starless. Carey is a master worldbuilder who has also written some of my favorite characters of all time, and I feel that opportunities like these are w