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The Difference Between Us (Opposites Attract #2)

I'm cursed.At least when it comes to finding Mr. Right.I'm tired of men that only want one night stands or blind dates that are nothing but awkward and uncomfortable. I'm tired of avoiding inappropriate text messages and the constant disappointment of always meeting Mr. Wrong.After all these years of dates that lead nowhere, I can admit that it's me. I'm the problem. I'm shy and picky and cursed. Definitely cursed.So I've decided two things.The first? I'm giving up dating and relationships and men in general. Maybe, possibly, forever.The second? I'm going to have to try harder to avoid Ezra Baptiste.If I couldn't hack it in the kiddy pool of dating, I certainly can't swim in his deep end. He's too successful. Too intense. He's all man when I'm used to nothing but boys pretending to be grownups. He's everything I'm afraid to want and so far out of my league we might as well be different species entirely.So he'll need to find a different artist to paint his mural. And a different graphic...

Title : The Difference Between Us (Opposites Attract #2)
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The Difference Between Us (Opposites Attract #2) Reviews

  • ✶Rachelle✶

    3 stars

    I liked this one okay, but I enjoyed the first book better. Molly was great, but perhaps a little immature for a supposedly twenty-seven year old. ((view spoiler)). Ezra, of c

  • Melissa

    What an absolute disappointment. After Vera and Killian's story which I adored, I was so eager to get my hands on Molly and Ezra's story. It failed miserably. MISERABLY. I skimmed through most of the book bc it was one internal monologue after another, and another, AND another ad nauseum!!!! I'm willing to bet character dialogue between the 2 mains totals to "maybe" 5 pages in the entire book. There is no chemistry between the two and it's almost as if their story sat on the sidelines to Mollys ...more

  • Under the Covers Book Blog

    There's just something about that chemistry you can always get when two people start off on the wrong foot.  It's addictive and keeps me coming back for more.  When Molly first met Ezra they definitely butted heads.  He's a successful restaurant owner and always gets his way so he wasn't prepared for Molly to have a different opinion than him on his online presence and marketing strategy.  Some harsh words were exchanged and they've been pretty much avoiding each other ever since.

    But being best

  • FMABookReviews

    ★★★4.5 Stars ★★★

    ❝Ezra Baptiste had some kind of magic juju that lured confident, professional women in and turned them into melting piles of goo.❞

    My first book by Rachel Higginson was The Five Stages of Falling In Love . That book was heart wrenching and beautiful.  I was a mess after reading it. This author served angst like it was her favorite dish. So when I started reading The Difference Between Us, I sort of expected there would be some angst, I mean, she writes it so well. But instead, ...more

  • Jacqueline

    Another engaging read. I love the slow burn and the restaurant setting. Wasn't so sure about the crossed out text, it kept on yanking me out of my reading bubble.

    Ezra was a strange one; according to the narrator Molly, he was surly and scary and argumentative, but actually in every scene he was perfectly amenable, sweet and swoony, so that was a bit odd.

    The end was a bit rushed, I'd like to have seen some resolution with Molly's parents, but not a biggie. There were also quite a few typos in th

  • Libby Harrison


    Beware of Spoilers!

    Star Ratings:

    Heroine (Molly): 27yrs old – 3/5

    Hero (Ezra): mid 30s? – 5/5

    Plot: 3/5

    Grovel: none

    Cheating: none

    HEA: yes but no epilogue

    Triggers: none

    Average score: 3.5/5

    Best Line: “He’s used to taking care of people. It’s how he shows love”

    Worst Line: “He was my boss. Maybe he was being inappropriate and obnoxious, but he was still my boss.”

    Personal Review:

    This was an ok romance between a businessman and a graphic designer. I loved the her

  • Jennifer

    2.25 stars.

    I was nervous about starting this since I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first book of the series. In hindsight my zero expectations probably had a lot to do with my enjoyment of The Opposite of You, but I digress. That's all to say I wasn't surprised by any aspect of this story: the readability of Higginson's writing style, the sometimes funny inner monologue or dialogue, or the slow burn romance between the two MCs. Unfortunately, my lack of surprise also accounts for my sl

  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle

    5 Long Game CROWNS

    What I love about this series of standalones is how Rachel Higginson shows real, honest-to-god, releationships. It isn't just fast paced, insta-love or insta-lust. It is the slow seduction of getting to know a person and falling in love with who they are, and I cannot get enough!

    Ezra!!! What can I say about this man that will even be worthy of his character? He is so kind and chivalrous, even if it comes off as controlling, and it is clear how much he cares for the people in h