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The Great Alone

Alaska, 1974.Unpredictable. Unforgiving. Untamed.For a family in crisis, the ultimate test of survival.Ernt Allbright, a former POW, comes home from the Vietnam war a changed and volatile man. When he loses yet another job, he makes an impulsive decision: he will move his family north, to Alaska, where they will live off the grid in Americas last true frontier.Thirteen-year-old Leni, a girl coming of age in a tumultuous time, caught in the riptide of her parents passionate, stormy relationship, dares to hope that a new land will lead to a better future for her family. She is desperate for a place to belong. Her mother, Cora, will do anything and go anywhere for the man she loves, even if it means following him into the unknownAt first, Alaska seems to be the answer to their prayers. In a wild, remote corner of the state, they find a fiercely independent community of strong men and even stronger women. The long, sunlit days and the generosity of the locals make up for the Allbrights lac...

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The Great Alone Reviews

  • Jen

    I think Kristen Hannah is like a fine wine. With each new novel, she gets better and better.

    Thirteen year old Leni and her parents move to the Alaskan wilderness as a possible solution to her dad's illness. He suffers from PTSD having returned from Vietnam broken, with an extreme vision and little survival skills.

    Once the harshness of winter sets in, the human spirit is tested in a family whose relationship is already in a delicate balance; the lack of daylight brings with it the challenges of

  • Theresa Alan

    This is a breathtakingly well-written novel.

    At only thirteen years old, Leni has already been bounced from school to school, city to city. Her father returned from Vietnam after being a POW a damaged man who is unable to control his nightmares—or his temper, causing him to get fired from job after job.

    When he learns that a war buddy of his left him a house in Alaska, Ernt is sure this time happiness will be theirs, so he packs up his daughter and wife and they head for The Great Alone.

    I fell

  • Maxwell

    The Great Alone begins in 1974. Ernt Allbright is a Vietnam POW who is struggling with finding his place in society once again while trying to cope with the traumatic experiences he had in battle. His idea: to escape to a small Alaskan village where he's been left a piece of property by another vet who didn't make it back from war. He decides to move his family—wife, Cora, and daughter, Leni—to this town of a few dozen people to rough it. But when the winter settles in, the family realizes they ...more

  • Lisa

    The Great Alone

    Kristin Hannah

    MY RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    PUBLISHER St Martin’s Press

    PUBLISHED February 6, 2018

    A spellbinding family drama of survival set on the wild and rugged side of the Kenai peninsula of Alaska.


    It’s 1974, gas prices are up, the country had been divided over the Vietnam war, and women had begun to disappear in Washington State without a trace. Leni Allbright, 13, was the new girl at another new school, with no friends other than her dog eared copy of Watership Down. She was worrie

  • abby

    Kristin Hannah wrote 70% of a novel and then 30% of a soap opera.

    I know this isn't likely to be a popular opinion. Hannah is an incredibly popular writer whose books sell into the millions. This might be a case of "it's not you, it's me." The same problems I found in her sentinel work The Nightingale came back to haunt The Great Alone: weak female characters, use of death and tragedy as plot devises, and an overwrought, melodramatic narrative. People who liked Hannah's earlier work, will probabl

  • Diane S ☔

    Book coincidences. I always read multiple books at the same time, always have. So, I was reading History of Wolves, and because I had paper Arcs of both books and wanted to pass them on, I also started this one. Both deal with the trauma of war, but this one was set in Alaska, and I love books set in cold climates. It is the seventies and Ernt, who came back much changed from Vietnam, can't seem to settle. Moving his small family from place to place, until he is left a small cabin in Alaska, fro ...more

  • Lindsay - Traveling Sister

    4.5 stars!

    Beautiful. Emotional. Atmospheric. Heart-wrenching. Stunning. Raw. Intense.

    I love Kristin Hannah’s writing! I’ve been a fan of her for years, but fell absolutely head over heels in love with her writing after reading The Nightingale. Though I wouldn’t class this book as highly as my love for The Nightingale, it was still an extremely powerful and thoroughly enjoyable novel that I truly loved reading.

    This story revolves around thirteen-year-old Leni who moves to Alaska with her highl

  • Liz

    Some plans just have “bad idea” written all over them. This would include Ernt’s plan to take his family to Alaska in 1974. Ernt, a Vietnam vet and ex-POW, is suffering from what we now call PTSD. But back then, there was no diagnosis or treatment.

    The story is told from the perspective of his daughter, Leni. When they arrive in Alaska, everyone tries to prepare them. To tell them how hard it’s going to be. How one mistake can be fatal. But Leni and her mom, Cora, are desperate to believe that t