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Saga, Vol. 8 (Saga #8)

After the traumatic events of the War for Phang, Hazel, her parents, and their surviving companions embark on a life-changing adventure at the westernmost edge of the universe.Collecting: Saga 43-48. ...

Title : Saga, Vol. 8 (Saga #8)
Author :
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ISBN : 9781534303492
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 146 pages
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Saga, Vol. 8 (Saga #8) Reviews

  • David Schaafsma

    “One day, a boy decided to break the rules. And that boy would become my brother”--Hazel

    Saga is clearly one of the great comics series of all time, sustaining an impressive critical and popular reception over years. And Volume 7 was powerful, an event of the year in comics, with a sad loss I won’t be specific about, exactly. So volume 8, with a western theme, is a little lighter, thank goodness, though it does have to deal with the aftermath of the volume 7’s loss in this volume. So along the w

  • Elise (TheBookishActress)

    I love Saga so much !! someone please send a defibrilator !!

    alright, short review because I have no energy. While this graphic novel felt especially fast and the plot has begun to meander a bit, my investment in the characters - and pure enjoyment of the story - truly brought this one forward for me.

    I also unfortunately feel that several of my favorite classes are getting less page time. Gwen, Sophie, and Lying Cat are still my favorites, and they had no pagetime here. Our current squad - Marco

  • ❄️Nani❄️

    Oh, how I’ve missed you, loves. 😍

  • April (Aprilius Maximus)

    Not the best in the series, but I can't wait to see where the next volume will take us!

  • Beth

    Not my favourite so far...

    But I think it's setting it up for the next one maybe?

    Now I'm all caught up and have to wait, booooo!

  • Raeleen Lemay

    YES YES YES. THIS is what I signed up for, and what I feel this series has been lacking for the past few volumes. This volume really brought back the ~weird~ and I'm here for it. Also the characters are pulling on my heartstrings again and here I am left wondering how they all feel so real...

  • Red Panda

    My second-most-difficult read of 2017. Heart-rendingly brilliant.

  • Hamad

    Actual rating 4.25 stars or even higher

    Let's play a game: let's think of as much synonym as possible to the word Good"

    - This was Good

    - Exceptional

    - Great

    - Favorable

    - Marvelous

    - Positive

    - Satisfying

    - Superb

    - Valuable

    - Wonderful

    So I think you get the idea guys...

    I don't know how I can be surprised every single effing time

    If I would recommend a single comic series then it would be this without a doubt

    8 volumes and it is still going strong.

    Wow, just wow

    Comment any other positive words you can think