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The President Is Missing

President Bill Clinton and bestselling novelist James Patterson have written a spellbinding thriller, The President is Missing.As the novel opens, a threat looms. Enemies are planning an attack of unprecedented scale on America. Uncertainty and fear grip Washington. There are whispers of cyberterror and espionage and a traitor in the cabinet. The President himself becomes a suspect, and then goes missing...Set in real time, over the course of three days, The President Is Missing is one of the most dramatic thrillers in decades. And it could all really happen. The President Is Missing is Bill Clinton and James Patterson's totally authentic and spellbinding thriller....

Title : The President Is Missing
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ISBN : 35097255
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 513 pages
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The President Is Missing Reviews

  • Glitterbomb

    I was browsing my local bookstore the other day and caught sight of this out the corner of my eye, and did a double take. James Patterson and... Bill Clinton?! It was so completely random, unexpected and a little bit absurd... I may have giggled a bit when I picked it up. Anyway, I couldn't help myself. I bought it. I honestly wasn't expecting much from it, and only bought it for shits and giggles.

    So straight off the bat, I'm giving you 10 points for marketing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who

  • Lisa

    An entertaining cyberterrorism thriller with quick pacing and relentless tension


    The novel opens with President Jonathan Lincoln Duncan, preparing to testify before a House select committee. His staff has strongly advised him against testifying. The panel of political opportunists are intent on impeaching the president. Congress is insisting that he explain his actions of the past week. According to phone records released by a French newspaper, President Duncan placed a direct call to Suli

  • Thebooktrail

    Visit the locations in the novel

    A fun and fast-paced thriller. There’s been a lot of hype and excitement to this book coming out but I really enjoyed the ride. From the scene setting at the beginning, the novel builds to a crescendo (or two) of thrills and spills. If even a small percentage of the detail in this novel is true, then it’s mind-blowing. The terrorist threat and the work required to contain, control or react is one thing, but the everyday workings of the White House and the inner th

  • Sam

    I am so disappointed in this book. I love James Patterson and all his books are always a fast read. I bought this book when it came out on Monday and today it's Thursday and I am only on page 14 the beginning of chapter 2 because I keep finding things I could do instead of reading this book, like cleaning the toilet. The first chapter is so boring that I keep having to re-read it because I have already forgotten what was written. Funny thing is that I even skipped to the middle of the book and r ...more

  • Kate

    This thriller is a pageturner if ever there was one. It's one of those 'just one more chapter' books and, because the chapters are so short, before you know it you're reading late into the night. Although it's not perfect (it is a little confused or predictable on occasion and there are a few presidential info dumps - on occasion Clinton does want to have his say), it's certainly entertaining and I was totally gripped. I love political and/or action thrillers and so I was always going to read th ...more

  • Hugo Marroquín

    De haber sido película, habría sido el blockbuster del verano sin duda. Como thriller, será el mayor de este verano. Es simplemente vertiginoso, lleno de acción, gran dosis de intriga, traiciones y los delgados hilos de la más alta política en la nación más poderosa del mundo.

    La unión entre el expresidente de los EEUU, Bill Clinton con una de las grandes plumas del thriller, James Patterson, es perfecta. No solo abre la puerta a colaboraciones de toda índole, se siente en las líneas de la novela

  • Monnie

    Truthfully, I figured this would be a so-so book - cobbled together simply because two very well-known names would be a sure thing sales-wise. Well, folks, I figured wrong; I absolutely loved it!

    Make no mistake, though - there's plenty of political "stuff" in here. I've read that when Patterson writes with a co-author, they send chapters back and forth for additions, corrections, etc. In this case, it's fairly easy to spot the Clinton influence. In fact, for those who don't share his political b

  • Kathi Defranc

    Where is the President!?!

    An interesting thriller, that opens with a serious incident happening that the President and his inner circle are trying to stop. I found the story hard to read and enjoy until through about 40% of it, but then several things happen and the race to save the country begins! From there I am engrossed in the action and entertained by the different characters.

    There are great details about the office of president, and how the Secret Service officers work. The plot is frighten