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Little Big Love

About a Boy meets Parenthood in this smart, big-hearted love story about a family for whom everything changed one night, a decade ago, and the young boy who unites them all.Told through the eyes of Zac, Juliet, and grandfather Mick, Little Big Love is a layered, heartfelt, utterly satisfying story about family, love, and the secrets that can define who we are. ...

Title : Little Big Love
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ISBN : 9780451490346
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Little Big Love Reviews

  • Bam

    Set in the "fishing capital of Europe," Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England, Little Big Love is the story of Zac, a ten-year-old boy with so much love and longing in his heart that he won't give up his mission to find his dad, no matter what the odds. For Zac has always been told that his dad did a runner before he was born, that the man was just a waste of space. But at 10, Zac now has questions: Why did dad leave? Doesn't he love me? Doesn't he care enough to get to know me?

    This is a story of deepl

  • Donna Hines

    Love is blind. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is forgiving.

    Sure is and oh by the way ten year old Zac is going to steal your heart in this one. Trust me!

    Zac Hutchinson is a young detective (in his own right) and has an accomplice Teagan to help in solving the mystery of his DAD Liam . Of course he has a colorful M.O. (modus operandi) or a way of doing things to get the job done.

    Using plenty of good ol fashioned grease work he uncovers the truth and unravels the mystery piece by piece start

  • Marialyce

    3.5 wonderful summer read stars

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    “What it’s like to be a parent: It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.” — Nicholas Sparks

    Juliet loves her son Zac. She wants, as all moms do, the very best for her child. However, unfortunately, Zac who has a super big heart, is going through some tough times. He is overweight making him the target for bullies, but he and hi

  • Theresa

    I usually like heartwarming novels, but I think "Little Big Love" by Katy Regan came off more cutesy than anything else. I couldn't connect to the writing style or the vast of characters (three different points of view/alternating chapters). I ended up skimming huge chunks. There were some funny, touching scenes, but overall, nothing about the plot felt memorable or wholly original. I had the ending pretty much figured out early on. I'm not a fan of predictable endings. The best part of the book ...more

  • Paula Sealey

    A captivating family drama with the most appealing characters that draw you fully into the touching story.

    Young Zac has reached a point in his life where he wants to know more about the dad who abandoned him as a baby. He has always been told by his mother Juliet that Liam, his father, just took off, never to be heard from again. His grandparents have always reinforced the message, his Nan reserving a special kind of scorn anytime Liam's name is mentioned. Zac refuses to believe that his dad wou

  • Catherine ♡

    *Thanks to NetGalley for a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review*

    Actual Rating: 2.5

    This was not exactly what I had expected, but it was an interesting read anyways! Little Big Love is written in three changing perspectives - Zac, a young boy who is overweight and searching for his father; Juliet, Zac's mother; and Mick, Zac's grandfather who is hiding a few secrets of his own. That one night, years ago, everything changed, and the family only agrees on one thing: Don't tell Zac. But as he

  • ❤Marie Gentilcore

    This was a sweet story of ten-year-old Zac who desperately wants to know his father. The story starts off with Zac writing a letter to his father inviting him to his eleventh birthday party in six months. Zac has no siblings and is raised by his single mom Juliet. He is close with his grandparents but talking about his father is taboo. He also admires his Uncle Jamie who passed away when Zac was just a baby. The story is told by Zac and Juliet and also Grandpa Mick. Zac is an awesome character a ...more

  • Michelle

    Zac is the sweetest little boy and there is nothing he wants more than to meet his father.

    Zac is almost 11 and he’s spent his whole life thinking his father abandoned his mother when she was pregnant. He’s been raised to believe that his dad was awful. His mom’s parents are very quick to encourage this belief.

    But one day Zac’s mom Juliet has a bad date and too much to drink and she lets a big secret slip. She confesses to Zac that his dad was the love of her life.

    The next morning, Juliet is hung