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Neverworld Wake

Once upon a time, back at Darrow-Harker School, Beatrice Hartley and her six best friends were the cool kids, the beautiful ones. Then the shocking death of Jimtheir creative genius and Beatrice's boyfriendchanged everything.One year after graduation, Beatrice is returning to Wincroftthe seaside estate where they spent so many nights sharing secrets, crushes, plans to change the worldhoping she'll get to the bottom of the dark questions gnawing at her about Jims death. But as the night plays out in a haze of stilted jokes and unfathomable silence, Beatrice senses shes never going to know what really happened.Then a mysterious man knocks on the door. Blithely, he announces the impossible: time for them has become stuck, snagged on a splinter that can only be removed if the former friends make the harshest of decisions. Now Beatrice has one last shot at answers... and at life.And so begins the Neverworld Wake....

Title : Neverworld Wake
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ISBN : 35482482
Format Type : Hardcover
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Neverworld Wake Reviews

  • Jacqueline Smith

    My sister and I received an ARC of this book. Oh my goodness... It's amazing!

  • Ali (the bandar blog)

    Reasons I enjoyed Neverworld Wake:

    1. There's something so easy about young adult stories. I don't know what it is, but they're no work to comprehend, and I love it. You open it up and you're basically already settled into things. Maybe it's because of the formatting of YA novels? Maybe it's that the writing is generally less sophisticated? I have no idea, but this book was wonderfully easy to read.

    2. The concept of the novel is quickly gripping (read the synopsis!!). The suspense aspect of the s

  • karen

    why did no one tell me this took place in rhode island???? they have already mentioned del's lemonade!!! my HEART!





  • Karima chermiti

    It’s so easy to hate the pretty one, worship the genius, love the rock star, trust the good girl.

    That’s never their only story.

    We are all anthologies. We are each thousands of pages long, filled with fairy tales and poetry, mysteries and tragedy, forgotten stories in the back no one will ever read.

    Neverworld Wake confirmed it for me, Marisha Pessl is one of a kind. No one writes atmospheric, spooky and powerful profound story with a thought-provoking ending and memorable sense of doom like s ...more

  • Kate


    I LOVED THIS. normally i would give a 4.5 star book a 4 star but i want everyone to understand how much i enjoyed this so i'm giving it the full 5 for GR rating.

    This book, I legit couldn't put it down. I didn't even mean to read it all at once and even TRIED to set a stopping point for myself and failed THREE TIMES. I didn't eat or play with my cat or do anything but READ while I was absorbing this. I. Loved. It.

    This book is about a group of ex best friends who find themselves in betwe

  • Michael

    I am confusion.

  • Chelsea

    Trust me, no one is more disappointed than I am right now.

    Considering that Night Film is one of my top three books of all time, I was so excited to get my hands on an early copy of Pessl’s third novel.

    I didn’t hate it, and I was engaged throughout the book. However, I think this could have been so much more, which is why I’m coming away feeling more disappointed than anything.

    The Plot

    I went into this having absolutely no clue what this was about other than that the blurb sounded weird, so I’m

    "Gandalf is depressed," Kip explain to me with a prim nodded. "He also suffers from multiple personalities. He's a Great Dane who thinks he's a lap dog." We’re comparing the dog’s personality to having depression and Dissociative Identity Disorder?

    Okay, so Pessl really likes to use mental illness for comparisons and jokes - like there were 10+ separate lines like this.

    ...some young British actor from the Royal Shakespeare Company with a schizophrenic ability to sound like completely different men and women...


    "Or S.O. is his sixth personality, as he has secretly suffered from schizophrenia for years."
    Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder are not the same thing...

    She makes so many references to schizophrenia and multiple personalities. She uses crazy and insane and says stuff about people needing to be in mental institutions, and I just feel like these issues should be treated with more sensitivity.

    Sat up with me all night helpin' me write my essay about Momma Greer. 'Mommy Bipolar.' Otherwise known as 'How to Survive in the Custody of a Complete Lunatic'. Let’s call people with mental illness ‘complete lunatics’, shall we?

    I get that the characters are teens, and teens make insensitive comments, but these still made me cringe.

    The Pit Bull Comments

    Her negligence had led to a pit bull, chained up in the backyard, attacking Kipling when he was five, biting off three fingers on his left hand, and leaving him with a "mini shark bite" on his chin—disfigurations he paraded like a Purple Heart.

    "I'd call off your pit bull of a mom," said Cannon. This one isn’t even clever? It’s referring to this girl’s mom calling the police on the main characters for harassing their daughter. How does that make her a pit bull?

    Now, if you don’t have any background working with pit bull-type dogs, what I’m about to say is going to seem like a huge overreaction.

    Am I making a huge deal about two lines in a book? Yup. But when lines like these have the potential to cost dogs their lives, I don’t think it’s an overreaction.
    I wish I didn’t have to write out an entire rant here, but I feel that it is my responsibility as someone who works with pit bull-type dogs to call attention to why lines like these are harmful.

    So, here I go.

    I have worked for over six years rescuing dogs. I have fostered over 70. I’ve worked with small organizations as well as volunteered for high volume kill shelters.

    Nearly all of the dogs in the high volume shelter were pit bulls - not due to any fault of the dogs, but because they are the most frequently neglected, abandoned, and straight-up abused. They’re also the least frequently adopted.

    The non-pit bull type dogs tended to be the ones with the most severe behavioral issues, yet these dogs were given chance after chance. When a dog that could be classified as pit bull made one wrong move, it was all over. There were no second chances for a dog like that, not when the shelter had 50+ other pitties that were perfectly behaved, yet rejected by adopters at every corner because of that horribly negatively charged label: “pit bull”.

    I spent many days trying to convince people that walked into the animal control to just look at the dogs, even when the most frequent criteria I got was ‘not a pit bull’ (I actually had a potential adopter tell me they didn’t want a ‘pit bull’ because their other dog didn’t like pit bulls, which at least gave me a good chuckle).

    I had adopters holding a wide-eyed eight week old puppy, asking me to guarantee that the puppy had no pit bull in it. I showed a dog to another adopter who looked at the breed on the card and laughed: ‘pit bull? that dog’s not mean enough to be any pit bull!’.

    I took one of my fosters, Casey, to meet an adopter. I saw that all too familiar look in the woman’s eyes when she walked through the doors: pit bull. She left hurriedly, and Casey trotted back to the car with me, unaware that anything had gone wrong.

    I took another foster, Juju, out on a walk with me. My neighbor exited their home, their Cavalier Spaniel following. He spotted Juju and walked back in the home, slamming the door.

    All of this is nothing compared to what those who work only with pit bull type dogs have seem. It’s nothing compared to the Youtube comments on videos of happy dogs, angry people yelling that all of these dogs should be shot.

    When people make up fictional stories about a pit bull eating a child’s hand, how do you think that makes the reader perceive pit bulls? Do you think that person will be eager to give one of these dogs a chance? Or will they walk right past, condemning these dogs to sit in cages for months on end, possibly to be killed?

    In my experience, an adopter will take home the most aggressive dog in the shelter before they will even look at one labeled pit bull. And it’s because of seemingly harmless lines like these.

    It’s 2018. I’m tired of seeing this. I don’t think these lines are clever. In fact, with the frequency that I see them, I think it’s lazy writing.

    I’m sure Pessl didn’t mean any harm with these lines. Unfortunately, it’s the things that seem like throwaway lines that can do the most damage.

    That’s why this rant is necessary and why I’ll keep doing them as long as I keep seeing these lines.


    As you can see, I had a lot to say on this one. Excluding the distasteful lines, I mostly enjoyed this reading experience. If you really enjoyed her previous works, I think you’ll find this one interesting, but it’s definitely nowhere near as good as Night Film.

    Recommended for those who enjoy stranger reads but are okay with a large focus on a murder mystery. ...more

  • Doug

    Pessl's first two books were marvels in both construction and innovation, but after finishing them, I felt like I had just completed a 100,000 piece jigsaw puzzle... and was left with either a few extra pieces ... or a few gaping holes and no pieces to fill them. They also felt (at 514 and 640 pages respectively) a bit bloated and in need of judicious editing.

    No such problem blights Pessl's third endeavor - which is both a blessing and a curse. The ending doesn't leave any loose strands or pond