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Rice Moore is just beginning to think his troubles are behind him. Hes found a job protecting a remote forest preserve in Virginian Appalachia where his main responsibilities include tracking wildlife and refurbishing cabins.Its hard work, and totally solitaryperfect to hide away from the Mexican drug cartels he betrayed back in Arizona.But when Rice finds the carcass of a bear killed on the grounds, the quiet solitude hes so desperately sought is suddenly at risk.More bears are killed on the preserve and Rices obsession with catching the poachers escalates, leading to hostile altercations with the locals and attention from both the law and Rices employers. Partnering with his predecessor, a scientist who hopes to continue her research on the preserve, Rice puts into motion a plan that could expose the poachers but risks revealing his own whereabouts to the dangerous people he was running from in the first place.James McLaughlin expertly brings the beauty and danger of Appalachia to li...

Title : Bearskin
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ISBN : 9780062742810
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Number of Pages : 352 pages
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Bearskin Reviews

  • KDV

    Gritty-ish Appalachian thriller with just enough violence and a lot of beautiful nature writing. My sweet spot for sure. When I saw reviews refer to "dream-like" writing I was almost spooked away from this one, but I wound up really enjoying the main character's fugue states -- they are peppered in there and quite effective. Excellent book.

  • Shane Douglas Keene

    Mini review: This book is fucking outstanding! Full review coming to Ink Heist soon.

  • Lillian


    It is astonishing that this is a 'debut' novel. McLaughlin has seemingly stepped out of the gate as fully formed mature writer.

    I can't say enough good things about this debut. McLaughlin has woven a narrative with strands that appear at odds with one another. A bio-scientist who gets involved with a Mexican drug cartel who is knowledgeable of under cover sleuthing activities (though he fails at this occasionally, which is surprisingly realistic as well), and is passionate about trying to sav

  • Erica

    This is not quite what I'd expected.

    It's a genre blend of drug cartel thriller, Appalachian grit-lit with some paranormal/folkloric realism, and redemption tale but it's not mixed so well as to create a single, seamless story; there are definite chunks of genre floating throughout. Choking hazards abound.

    Rice Moore/Rick Morton, 34, is on the run from Mexican drug cartels and is hiding as a caretaker for a large private preserve in the backwoods of Virginia.

    The woman who was there before him, a

  • Lisa

    This is such an interesting and different story that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It opens up with Rice working solitarily in a forest in Virginia. He is the caretaker of the privately owned land. He is supposed to protect the land and keep it safe. He soon finds a dead bear that has clearly been hunted and much of its remains have been purposefully picked through and items removed. He soon discovers why but is determined to find out who. This leads in on a hunt. He also has a past and is escaping h ...more

  • Jeffrey Keeten

    ”The giant trees were like dormant gods, vibrating with something he couldn’t name, not quite sentience, each one different from the others, each telling its own centuries-long story. On the forest floor, chestnut logs dead since the blight had rotted into chest-high berms soft with thick mosses, whispering quietly. Something called out and he turned to face a looming tulip tree, gnarled and bent like an old man, hollowed out by rot, lightning, ancient fires.

    His skin tingled.”

    Rice Moore felt t

  • Fred Shaw

    Bearskin by James A. McLauglin

    Rice Monroe is the caretaker at a privately funded nature preserve in the Virginia Appalachian mountains. He is taking over the job previously held by a Virginia Tech biology professor, Sara Birkeland. Rice has changed his name, and wants to remain below the radar because of his recent incarceration in Arizona. He was caught trafficking unlawful substances between Mexico and the US. The drug cartel tried unsuccessfully to silence him in his cell to prevent him from

  • Lou

    There is a need for preservation, for self, for forest preserve, and for Bear. This narrative is tight and without wavering, on point, right in the story, having the reader in the scene and developments in hunt of the bear killer, suited in a a ghillie suite. A good mystery in Appalachian wilderness, a bad men hot on a mans trail kind of redemption tale. Pair this up with No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy and recent debut of Rough Animals by Rae DelBianco.