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The Darkest Warrior (Lords of the Underworld #14)

A searing Lords of the Underworld tale by New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter, featuring a beastly prince and the wife he will wage war to keep.He is ice...Puck the Undefeated, host of the demon of Indifference, cannot experience emotion without punishment, so he allows himself to feel nothing. Until her. According to ancient prophecy, she is the key to avenging his past, saving his realm, and ruling as king. All he must do? Steal her from the man she lovesand marry her.She is fire...Gillian Shaw has suffered many tragedies in her too-short life, but nothing could have prepared the fragile human for her transition into immortality. To survive, she must wed a horned monster who both intrigues and frightens her...and become the warrior queen she was born to be. Together they burn.As a rising sense of possession and obsession overtake Puck, so does insatiable lust. The more he learns about his clever, resourceful wife, the more he craves her. And the more time Gillian spends ...

Title : The Darkest Warrior (Lords of the Underworld #14)
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ISBN : 35575251
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The Darkest Warrior (Lords of the Underworld #14) Reviews

  • Lucy Qhuay

    Edit: 20th, October, 2017

    ...and it's not William and Gilly. It's Gilly and some other guy with whom she'll have no real chemistry, I'm sure. I don't think I can properly express the depth of my disappointment and frustration. I feel cheated.

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  • ◊♦ Naomi

    This book was a revelation. In my mind, Gillian belonged to William, I genuinely didn't believe otherwise, I respected Gena's decision but my mind was made up, until I read Gillian's story and it all made sense.

    If you feel the same way as me, if you feel like Gillian and William were meant to be, I feel your pain, I do. I understand how you must feel about this book too, maybe you don't want to read it, maybe you're done with the entire series and I respect that but, trust me when I say that if

    "Take the first step. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."
    I swear you won't be disappointed, you will understand, it will make sense, even if you still feel a little sad afterward at least you'll know the reason and you'll be able to move on.

    I loved this book. I loved it so much because it showed me that we, as readers, don't know everything, we don't get everything. Sometimes the author has something specific in mind for a character but she can't reveal anything so we feel betrayed at times, or angry but then the author just show us, it may take a little while, it may not be right away, but we eventually understand. The Darkest Warrior was it for me, I was confused and uncertain before diving in, my heart was with William and I didn't understand but then Gena showed me why Gillian and William didn't belong together, she made me understand simply by telling a story, a story I knew but never truly understood until now.

    I don't want to reveal too much so I will leave it at that: you will love and admire Puck, promise. William plays a big role in this book, you will see a lot of him and since his story is next, Gena is already setting it in motion and I am more than ready for it. Gillian, you will love and adore, she becomes so much more than the young frightened girl we all know her to be. Hades is badder than ever and I have a feeling we won't have to wait too long for his story as well. Rathbone makes appearances to my greatest delight, as well as the other seven kings of the underworld, you will want to eat them all up. Hopefully we will see more of them in The Darkest King. We also get to meet new demon-possessed warriors, Cameron and Winter, and it left me wondering, how many more books can Gena write in this series?! Not that I'm complaining, give them all to me!

    The Darkest Warrior will surprise you, it'll thrill you, it will also definitely make you bawl your eyes out. It's a bittersweet goodbye to a readers favorite couple, a loss you will be able to mourn while reading because Gena lets you have that. There's a quote that I love and I thought it was perfect to describe this book.
    "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."
    William and Gillian not ending up together is not the end, far from it, it's only the beginning of an epic story, for both of them. ...more

  • Fabiola Chenet

    For the first time in my life, I understand why readers sometimes quote a book that is not published yet. I'm doing it now because I am SO angry about this plot! How could Gena Showalter do that to her fans, and to fans of this series? I told myself since the last book that if William and Gilly were not to be together, I will NEVER read another book in this series. So Gena decided to do it. Well, not a problem, an author can do as she wants. I hope she's ready to lose a ton of fans, included me. ...more

  • Sophia Triad

    Púkinn “Puck” Neale Brion Connacht IV:Demon of Indifference

    Butterfly: Not sure where it is located. It seems that it moves all over Puck’s body. It started from his chest.

    His curse: He cannot feel anything. No compassion, no envy, no anger, no love. If he feels anything, he becomes weak.

    Gillian Shaw—also known as Gillian Bradshaw, Gilly Bradshaw and Jill Brads, depending on which ID she uses:expendable human until she became immortal human.

    Supernatural ability: None unless you count the abil

  • Shan(Littleirishbookcat)

  • Scholar



    I loved the pairing. I loved the book.

    Gilly and Puck's development surprised me more than Gena's decision to pair them up. I loved how the story evolves and how it all came to an end. In the previous books, Gilly was not that much of an interesting character for me but she grows a lot in this book - and trust me it is believable. Puck is tormented by the demon of Indifference and by his broken relationship with his brother Sin. Sin, on the other hand, is

  • Cali

    Update 11/07/2018

    Well...i finally read it. I wanted to know how Gilly was going to be developed so i decided to give this a chance. Big mistake.

    The whole "character development, big, badass warrior" propaganda for Gilly ended up with the poor girl being thrown away in a Narnia style realm where time goes faster, and she ends up aging a lot faster than Puck, so while the goat-man is up to no good, being a mean goat-man and doing goat-man things, Gilly passes 500 years no less becoming Xena the wa

  • Jennie

    why! why in the world would you do this!!!!! i am speechless! dear god! 11 books! 11 BOOKS! and now she wants puck and gilly! no, just no! good bye, and goodbye forever! this is so BS.... #gilliam deserves better!


    i am hurt. this series was the first non YA books i got into. ever since the first book i was hooked. seriously! gilliam was the pair i've been rooting for since they introduced the idea of them together! i mean she even put a ship name together "GILLIAM"! she honestly lost me