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Lions and Liars

Frederick Frederickson has a food-chain theory about life. There are lions, like the school bully. Gazelles, like the bullied kids. There are meerkats, and the fleas that live on the butts of meerkats. Frederick's a flea.Fifth grade is off to a terrible start when Frederick is sent to a disciplinary camp for troublesome boys. His fellow troop matesNosebleed, Specs, The Professor, and little-yet-lethal Ant Biteare terrifying. But in between trust-building exercises and midnight escape attempts, a tenuous friendship grows between them. Which is lucky, because a Category 5 hurricane is coming and everyone will have to work togetherlions and fleas aliketo survive!...

Title : Lions and Liars
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ISBN : 9780374302634
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 304 pages
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Lions and Liars Reviews

  • Mary

    Frederick Frederickson cannot wait for the yearly cruise with his family. Having just been deemed a flea at the bottom of the school food chain, he's ready for a break from school and his "friends." Unfortunately, his parents decide to cancel the vacation due to an incoming hurricane, Frederick is despondent. He accidentally ends up floating down a river in his friend's dad's boat and winds up at a transformational weekend camp for boys who need more discipline where he assumes the identity of t ...more

  • Brenda

    10-year-old Frederick likes hanging out with Raj and Joel, but lately, he's been doubting whether they've ever truly been his friends. Sometimes, Joel and Raj make Frederick feel like he's a loser, who could blame Freddie for not wanting to be referred to as a "flea on a meerkats butt?" Just once he'd like to excel at something, even if it's just a stupid dodgeball game with Devin. Unfortunately, things don't go as expected when he takes a ball to the face. To make matter's worse, Fredrick's ann ...more

  • Serenity

    *I received an eARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley*

    For about the first half of this book, I was hovering between 3 and 3.5 stars. It just wasn't clicking for me. But as I got further in I was totally sucked in and had to find out what happened to Frederick and his newfound group of friends (of a sort). I think part of the reason it wasn't working for me was because Frederick's attitude and behavior was just frustrating. However, he's a kid, and as a kid I'm sure my attitude an

  • The Reading Countess

    The first sentence reels in any third or fourth grader, then the situational humor and witty word play keeps them there. I can see this being a smart choice to push toward a more, er, reluctant reader at the beginning of the year in my fourth grade classroom. The swift action, relatable characters, aha moments (shout out to Notice and Note fans) and cleverness of some of the conversations ‘Dash’ has would make a reader trust that there are more books like this one waiting in the wings. And that’ ...more

  • Rachael Bookfairs

    Fredrick accidentally ends up at a camp for "troubled" boys instead of on the holiday cruise with his family that he expected & now he needs to decide who he is going to be - literally. This book explores the somewhat fraught world of 5th grade boys - friendship, camaraderie, bullying, questioning etc. Although I enjoyed some of the twists & turns of the story the characters did not really come to life for me.

  • Jenn Lopez

    This is a cute story about accepting who you are and how difficult that is when you are little. It also has mischief and adventure as Fredrick Fredrickson tries to find a way to fit in. With the ARC digital copy (Thanks, NetGalley!) I missed out on Dan Santat's illustrations. Boo. I have to wait until we get a copy at our library.

  • Lorie Barber

    Frederick wants so badly to be popular - to be at the top of the fifth grade food chain. Through a series of events, he discovers what’s really important.

    Loved meeting the characters and, while I wish I knew more of their stories and hoped that a girl was among them, this was a great window book for me as a teacher. A great reminder that every kid in my class has a story they bring with them to school and that looking past behaviors is essential. A definite add to my classroom library.

  • B

    Cute 4-5th grade novel about your place in life. Are you a lion, or a flea on the butt of a prey animal.

    Frederick\Dash ends up being both, but how you act matters more then your place on the food chain.

    I felt the book went a little long, but loved the Dan Santat illustrations.