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Annie on My Mind

A landmark in LGBT fiction, this captivating story of two teenage girls who fall in love is a classic of the genre (Publishers Weekly). When Liza Winthrop first lays eyes on Annie Kenyon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she knows theres something special between them. Soon, their close friendship develops into a deep and intimate romance. Neither imagined that falling in love could be so wonderful, but as Liza and Annies newfound sexuality sparks conflict in both their families and at their schools, they discover it will take more than love for their relationship to succeed. One of the first books to positively portray a lesbian relationship, Annie on My Mind is a groundbreaking classic of the genre. The subject of a First Amendment lawsuit over banned books and one of School Library Journals One Hundred Books that Shaped the Century, Nancy Gardens iconic novel is an important story for anyone discovering who theyre meant to be....

Title : Annie on My Mind
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ISBN : 35818578
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Annie on My Mind Reviews

  • Sara➽ (Ink Is My Sword)

    3.5 "Healthy teen relationship rep" Stars

    yes, I placed this in my classic shelf, what are you gonna do about that? Lesbian classic lit.


  • Les Read

    Annie on My Mind is a beautiful love story about a friendship that blooms into love for two young women who are from different sides of the track. Liza attends a private high school and comes from a white-collar family, and Annie attends a public school and comes from a lower-income part of town. They're both bright and accomplished teenagers: Liza, who is applying for MIT to study architecture and Annie, a talented singer who dreams of being accepted into the music program at UC Berkeley. The c ...more

  • Rose

    Initial thoughts: I'm still trying to form thoughts on my reactions to "Annie on My Mind", but the one thing I can say was that this was a wonderful novel and I'm wondering why it took me so long to read it. Beautifully written, the relationship between Annie and Liza is quite resonant, not just in how it develops, but how it endures. I loved the ending, and I was happy to be able to listen to some reflective thoughts on Nancy Garden's life and personal experiences following the story.

    Full revie

  • Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥

    So this book is an f/f romance that’s been published about 36 years ago.

    It’s been banned from school libraries and it was even publicly burned.

    Ha, of course this attracted my attention! ;-)

    Needless to say I’m going to read the hell out of this!!!

    Oh and a little fun fact by the by: I actually borrowed this from my library!

    Times are changing, slowly but gradually and this is good! =)

    Enough said! Let's read this! XD

  • Sarah Verminski

    Annie On My Mind will always have a special place in my heart, it was the first lesbian themed book I ever read. You may not understand the enormity of this, but just try to understand being 14 and every book you read involves a romance between a man and a woman. Every movie, every TV show, everyone I know is straight, nobody knows I'm gay, I barely understand it myself, and I pick up this book and suddenly it's like I can breathe. Suddenly I don't feel so alone, there's an actual published book ...more

  • Manon

    I was provided an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    Annie on My Mind is a classic. I’ve heard about it for years and was not disappointed in the least.

    Our main character is Liza, 17. She meets Annie by chance and they fall for each other. But the story is set in 1982 and I don’t think they even knew what homophobia was back then.

    I really loved this story. It was a quick read but still made me feel so much. I was enraged, happy, sad; I felt everything. Mostly rage though. The way

  • Julia

    "What struck me most, though, was that, in that whole long article, the word 'love' wasn't used even once. That made me mad; it was as if whoever wrote the article didn't know that gay people actually love each other. The encyclopedia writers ought to talk to me, I thought as I went back to bed; I could tell them something about love."

    This quote sums up pretty well what I loved the most about this book. Liza and Annie are only 17 year old when they fall in love, and this whole time, despite all

  • Thomas

    It was like a war inside me; I couldn't even recognize all the sides. There was one that said, "No, this is wrong; you know it's wrong and bad and sinful," and there was another that said, "Nothing has ever felt so right and natural and true and good," and another that just wanted to stop thinking altogether and fling my arms around Annie and hold her forever. There were other sides, too, but I couldn't sort them out.

    Can we talk about how Annie On My Mind was published in 1982? 1982? Almost 20 y