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When Never Comes

Author Barbara Davis deftly explores an emotionally charged landscape of pain, loss, and despairand the risk one woman will take in the hope of loving again.As a teenage runaway and child of an addict, Christy-Lynn learned the hard way that no address was permanent, and no promise sacred. For a while, she found a safe haven in her marriage to bestselling crime novelist Stephen Ludlowuntil his car skidded into Echo Bay. But Stephens wasnt the only body pulled from the icy waters that night. When details about a mysterious violet-eyed blonde become public, a media circus ensues, and Christy-Lynn runs again.Desperate for answers, shes shattered to learn that Stephen and his mistress had a childa little girl named Iris, who now lives in poverty with her ailing great-grandmother. The thought of Iris abandoned to the foster care systemas Christy-Lynn once wasis unbearable. But shes spent her whole life runningdetermined never to be hurt again. Will she finally stand still long enough to open...

Title : When Never Comes
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ISBN : 9781477808917
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 368 pages
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When Never Comes Reviews

  • Carla

    Great read, kept me interested the entire book! Read it in 5 days, which is rare for me. My insomnia helped , but I finished it between 3-5 am- passing on the gym to find out what happens.

  • Teri Pre

    I don't have issues with the story, but I DO have issues with safety. Riding in a canoe without a life jacket is like having sex without a condom. Oh...wait. That happened too. If Ms. Davis wants to know how to write about safe sex, she should read Robyn Carr's Virgin River books.

  • Marleen

    The word Never in the title "When Never Comes" refers to the doors someone closes forever. The preconceived notions that happiness, love, contentment are only for the deserving. That's pretty much the mindset of Christine Ludlow, or Christi-Lynn Parker as she calls herself after the death of her husband, a so-called famous crime novelist. Peter isn't the only one dying in the car when he accidentally drives off a bridge. An unknown half naked woman also drowns, leaving Christine with more questi ...more

  • Sue

    When Never Comes is another wonderful book by Barbara Davis. It's about finding your future by letting go of your past. It's about love and family and starting over. This book is a must read and you don't want to miss it.

    When Christy-Lynn is told by the police that her husband, a famous author, has died in a car accident, she also finds out that there was a half naked woman in the car with him who also died. She had no idea that he was having an affair but once the news becomes public, the media

  • Lesley

    I picked this as a first read from my amazon choices!

    This is a sweet story from not so sweet circumstances!

    Liked it more than I thought I would

  • Camille Maio

    Once again, author Barbara Davis has pulled me out of everything I need to do and planted me right in the middle of her compelling characters and story. When Never Comes is the story of a woman trapping herself in her past, limited by all the ways she was hurt by others. But when love prevents itself in new and unexpected ways, she has to face all the doors she's closed...all the nevers she's clung to. This is a story of love, hope, redemption, and of rediscovering who you were meant to be and i ...more

  • Veronica

    I had thought that "When Never Comes" by Barbara Davis might have a bit too much romance for my liking but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book was more than I thought and what romance there was suited the story and was not over done in the least.

    Christy-Lynn is living a comfortable life as the dutiful wife of a very successful novelist far away from her nightmare of a childhood with a parent who was a drug addict and her own years as a teenage runaway. She learned that nothing is pe

  • Kristin

    Barbara Davis is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I got this from Kindle First and I was thrilled. It's been on my wishlist since I found out it was coming out. I was so excited that I didn't have to wait a month until it comes out in the stores.

    Christy-Lynn is a pretty damaged character. She's had a rough life and can't catch a break. I kind of knew what was going to happen but it still wrenched my heart wide open. The end for me was a complete tear jerker. I wish I hadn't whipped thr