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Final Draft

The only sort of risk 18-year-old Laila Piedra enjoys is the peril she writes for the characters in her stories: epic sci-fi worlds full of quests, forbidden love, and robots. Her creative writing teacher has always told her she has a special talent. But three months before her graduation, he's suddenly replacedby Nadiya Nazarenko, a Pulitzer Prizewinning novelist who is sadistically critical and perpetually unimpressed. At first, Nazarenkos eccentric assignments seem absurd. But before long, Laila grows obsessed with gaining the womans approval. Soon Laila is pushing herself far from her comfort zone, discovering the psychedelic highs and perilous lows of nightlife, temporary flings, and instability. Dr. Nazarenko has led Laila to believe that she must choose between perfection and sanitybut rejecting her all-powerful mentor may be the only way for Laila to thrive....

Title : Final Draft
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ISBN : 9781419728723
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 272 pages
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Final Draft Reviews

  • Aditi ~ •A Thousand Words A Million Books


    SO. That happened.

    I actually read one of my most anticipated releases of the year from one of my favourite contemporary authors and it DEFIED my already VERY HIGH EXPECTATIONS.

    And I’m at a loss for words, staring at this blinking cursor thinking about HOW TO SUM UP MY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS MARVELLOUS CREATION, unable to pick up another book because BOOK HANGOVER wondering how to move on when, well, Final Draft was perfection in book shape.

    More than

  • Trevor

    1.5 stars

    Admittedly, I am not the biggest Riley Redgate fan. I didn't enjoy Seven Ways We Lie & I've had Noteworthy on my TBR forever. But when I read the synopsis for this, I was hooked. Perfectionism? Creative writing assignments? Queerness? Check, check & check. I didn't have high expectations but still I walked away feeling disappointed.

    First off, the relationship between Laila & Mr. Madison was cringeworthy for me. It was not sexual in any form (thank god) but it was crossing

  • Luke Reynolds

    ARC Review (3/15/18, received from Sarah Prineas)

    Writing may seem easy, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. Some authors seamlessly pen novels and get them on the shelves year after year, but with that cycle comes prior years of querying to agents, tons of rejection letters, and self-doubt throughout. What if this next book doesn’t do as well as the last? What if it’s not good enough to even get through the door?

    I haven’t gone through any of that yet, although I know I will. I’m an aspiring wri

  • Grace {Rebel Mommy Book Blog}

    Gosh I wanted to love this book. I have love her other two books so much. This one just felt all over the place. There was a story or stories within the stories which were fun. However, there was something holding me back from connecting with the characters like I did with her previous stories. I am not sure what exactly it was though. There were definitely parts I liked, some parts I wished were explored more. It felt like it was a bit slow then it packed WAY too much in the end. Like I wanted ...more

  • Colleen

    A review will be up sometime soon!

  • Atlas

    She bowed under the heaviness of the hours she hadn't lived yet

    * * * *

    4 / 5

    When I finished Final Draft my main emotion was sad. Redgate portrayed depression and grief so realistically, it made me feel a bit empty inside, which is how I know an author has hit the nail on the head. This isn't really a happy book, but it's definitely a great one.

    She wanted to pierce the furthest frontier of her ability

    Laila Piedra is half-Ecuadorian, half-French Canadian, and entirely full of passion for writing.

  • emma

    4.5 stars

    This book took me on a journey. Laila was awesome even though I wanted to shake her sometimes. I enjoyed the relationship between her and Hannah. It was simple and understated, which is refreshing from what we normally get in a YA novel.

  • Dahlia

    This was such a highly anticipated book for me because I think Riley Redgate is, content-wise, one of the most interesting YA authors right now, and this did not disappoint. A book about a self-conscious author who loses her biggest fan and ends up with an instructor who effectively makes her feel like crap until she feels forced to bleed on the page to prove her authorial skill and worth? I mean. I can't speak for all authors, but that sure as hell held some resonance for me.

    Laila was an intere