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Kudos (Outline #3)

Rachel Cusk, the award-winning and critically acclaimed author of Outline and Transit, completes the transcendent literary trilogy with Kudos, a novel of unsettling power.A woman writer visits a Europe in flux, where questions of personal and political identity are rising to the surface and the trauma of change is opening up new possibilities of loss and renewal. Within the rituals of literary culture, Faye finds the human story in disarray amid differing attitudes toward the public performance of the creative persona. She begins to identify among the people she meets a tension between truth and representation, a fissure that accrues great dramatic force as Kudos reaches a profound and beautiful climax.In this conclusion to her groundbreaking trilogy, Cusk unflinchingly explores the nature of family and art, justice and love, and the ultimate value of suffering. She is without question one of our most important living writers....

Title : Kudos (Outline #3)
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Kudos (Outline #3) Reviews

  • Kayleigh


  • Julie Ehlers

    What's the problem here? After loving Outline, I wasn't super enthused about Transit, and I may have liked Kudos even less. The magical feeling I had wandering around Greece in Outline has definitely not been replicated in these later volumes in the trilogy. Is it the change of setting? The fact that some of the characters our protagonist, Faye, speaks with in Transit and Kudos are completely random and therefore it makes no sense that they would open up to her as extensively as they do? Is it t ...more

  • Gumble's Yard

    I met with a number of my Goodreads acquaintances – to share with them my thoughts on the concluding part of Rachel's trilogy of books.

    The first to speak was Meike – she was very keen, she said, to understand my views on the book. She herself was a dog lover from a European country, but could read books in at least two other languages including English. She could not she said, tell us, which country she came from or which languages she spoke, but said that if we read her reviews we should be abl

  • Gwendolyn

    Kudos is a strong finish to this trilogy of novels that started with Outline and continued with Transit. I’ve enjoyed all three novels, but they are difficult to describe. Really, the novels are nothing more than a series of conversations with people Faye, the protagonist, comes into contact with. The conversations in each novel touch on some similar themes so that there are some connections between conversations (in Kudos, the commitment of marriage and negligent parenting resurface regularly), ...more

  • Jenn Fields

    Writers are often taught to show, don’t tell, but Rachel Cusk breaks this and many other rules in "Kudos," the stunning finale to her trilogy that started with "Outline." The people Faye, the protagonist, meets do nothing but tell, tell, tell, showing the depths of their suffering and striving on topics from parenting and relationships to envy, vanity, evil, success, perception, gender, power, and even Brexit. Full review at Run Spot Run.

  • Paul Fulcher

    'Faye', he said fractiously, 'will you just listen?'

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    He didn't go on to the later, fatal, part of the journey over the ice-fields to the South Pole since, as he explained in his book The Great White South: Traveling with Robert F. Scott's Doomed South Pole Expedition, there would be nothing to photograph but the level plain of boundle

  • Eric Sutton

    I'm giving the book a five-star rating not so much for this individual effort - although still it was brilliant - but more for the Faye Trilogy as a unit. Cusk has carved herself a unique place in contemporary literature, managing the feat of saying so much about her central character with saying so little directly. Kudos follows in the same vein as Outline and Transit - snippets of conversation ranging a spectrum of subjects - but this novel centers more on family, relationships, gender roles, ...more

  • Joachim Stoop

    As in the former parts of this trilogy Cusk's style and technique is magnificent and original. The way she tells stories within stories (within stories) with fluently and carefully gliding from citations to just (story)telling to paraphrasing is top level. Not many renowned writers can pull this off.

    The way she -especially in this last part- writes about writers and everything happening in the world of literature with publicity, obligations, conventions, interviews, struggling, the craft itself,