Read The War on Normal People: The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future by Andrew Yang Online

The War on Normal People: The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future

From entrepreneur Andrew Yang, the founder of Venture for America, an eye-opening look at how new technologies are erasing millions of jobs before our eyes-and a rallying cry for the urgent steps America must take, including Universal Basic Income, to stabilize our economy. The shift toward automation is about to create a tsunami of unemployment. Not in the distant future--now. One recent estimate predicts 45 million American workers will lose their jobs within the next twelve years--jobs that won't be replaced. In a future marked by restlessness and chronic unemployment, what will happen to American society? In The War on Normal People, Andrew Yang paints a dire portrait of the American economy. Rapidly advancing technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics and automation software are making millions of Americans' livelihoods irrelevant. The consequences of these trends are already being felt across our communities in the form of political unrest, drug use, and other social il...

Title : The War on Normal People: The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future
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ISBN : 9780316414241
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 304 pages
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The War on Normal People: The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future Reviews

  • Diane Pagen

    I read The War On Normal People. I recommend it to everyone, which makes it a different kind of book. Even though I love, say, detective novels, and biographies, I won't recommend them to every kind of person. The War On Normal People stands out to me as being able to improve the lives of every person.

    Andrew Yang isn't screwing around, telling us that we need to ponder the problem of automation, so that in a few years we can maybe do something. Pondering is not helpful. Indeed, he points out tha

  • Miles

    Like many others, I discovered Andrew Yang by way of his excellent interview with Sam Harris last month. Yang, who is running for President in 2020, immediately struck me as honest, intelligent, well-informed, and profoundly reasonable––a heroic foil for the repugnant personalities that dominate today’s national politics. Yang’s central campaign issue is the institution of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for all Americans, a daring and promising idea that has been on my radar for some years now. ...more

  • Ailith Twinning

    There's a stark patronizing tone to this book that bugs me. It would have been a lot less evident if the author hadn't begun with "Your sort probably aren't reading this book." Well, thanks for that man. Yeah, yeah, statistics, I know - but there is such a thing as tact and it matters.

    Apart from that tho, it really feels like a book about someone trying hard to understand what poverty even is, and missing it because a few core issues are in his blind spots. I don't want to talk about giving peo

  • Katie Bloom

    Normal Americans can sense that the economic systems in the US are rigged against them, but they can't always see the gears at work. The War on Normal People is a thorough, cogent, data-driven explanation of the state of our nation and exactly how things have gone so wrong. In sum, the average American is suffering from a lack of meaningful opportunity, a lack of money, and a lack of hope—and things are about to get infinitely, catastrophically worse as automation wipes out millions of American ...more

  • Aaron

    First and foremost, before I get into anything, I fully recommend this book. I'm giving it a perfect score...... But if I could I'd give it a higher score.

    Get it from the library, Amazon, or borrow it from a friend. Read it asap, it's easily one of the best books of the year. I hope it catches fire before 2020 (more on that at the end of the review).

    I have been on board the Basic Minimum Income train for a long time (ever since I read "Saving Capitalism), and did not need any further convincing

  • Amanda

    A great take on about how robots and artificial intelligence will drastically change jobs, including how many jobs are going to disappear for humans. It's something serious that we can't ignore and he argues that it's coming a lot sooner than we think. He urges that now is the time to get ready for this change and that there can be some things done to help the "normal" everyday person so that society continues on in a decent state instead of unraveling into a world resembling Mad Max where every ...more

  • Jean Kelley

    A must read for 2018! Even if you don't agree with his solution, Yang highlights some major problems that have plagued the US for decades. His book gives a great understanding of how America has gone from the wins of the Civil Rights movement into the xenophobic populism of Trump. The suffering inflicted on those lost towns, former booming industrial centers, which now even long-term residents decide to abandon. We have exchanged our value of humanity for the value of ever increasing returns. We ...more

  • Zach

    I literally jumped out of my bed in excitement halfway through reading this book.

    Andrew Yang completely nails what has caused many of the problems in the US. His simple description of the human effects from automation, and his major policy recommendations to fix them are both a strong reality check and extremely inspirational.

    Whether you're Republican or Democrat, Andrew clearly proves that automation is real and having a negative effect on our society. Most importantly, instead of just identify