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Tesla: Inventor of the Modern

Nikola Tesla invented the radio, robots, and remote control. His electric induction motors run our appliances and factories, yet he has been largely overlooked by history. In Tesla, Richard Munson presents a comprehensive portrait of this farsighted and underappreciated mastermind.When his first breakthroughalternating current, the basis of the electric gridpitted him against Thomas Edisons direct-current empire, Teslas superior technology prevailed. Unfortunately, he had little business sense and could not capitalize on this success. His most advanced ideas went unrecognized for decades: forty years in the case of the radio patent, longer still for his ideas on laser beam technology. Although penniless during his later years, he never stopped imagining. In the early 1900s, he designed plans for cell phones, the Internet, death-ray weapons, and interstellar communications. His ideas have lived on to shape the modern economy.Who was this genius? Drawing on letters, technical notebooks, ...

Title : Tesla: Inventor of the Modern
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Tesla: Inventor of the Modern Reviews

  • Gretchen

    Did Tesla invent anything? “Yeah, the 20th century.”

    What a man! A true visionary who frequently lacked the means to achieve the visions he saw as applications of his discoveries and inventions, he foresaw things like the internet, smart phones, wireless everything, AI, and labor-saving robots.

    Personally, I am incredibly impressed with Tesla’s ability to see—how to make something that works, how something worked, and how to make something that works useful and accessible.

    I love the paradoxes that

  • Malcolm Rogers

    At last a book that does Nikola Tesla justice. Munson doesn't suggest Tesla was a superman, even if his inventions were super; he also doesn't focus on the scientist's quirks, even though they impact his life. Munson offers a very well written and fair and insightful biography that reveals a remarkable inventor and fascinating individual. This biography should be read widely.

  • Valerie

    I have been wanting to read a biography of Tesla for a while, so I checked this one out of the library. I admired the author's evenhandedness. He lauded Tesla's inventiveness, while shying away from the things that made him problematic. Edison and Westinghouse figure so prominently in Tesla's life, I wonder how prominently he figured in theirs? I was somewhat dismayed to find that I missed by 100 years, and several social classes, a chance to attend a dinner party with John Muir, Samuel Clemens, ...more

  • Kimberly W

    The best biography of Tesla I've read, second only to Tesla's autobiography.

  • Amy Albertson

    Fascinating character. Engaging biography. Well written Insightful stories.

  • Herbert Cole

    Great biography of an extraordinary inventor. This book explains Tesla's achievements but also describes his upbringing and relationships. Well researched and written.

  • Susan Collins

    Tesla? More people know about the car than the man. Richard Munson does a great job correcting this mistake since the man's life is fascinating and his inventions -- including electric motors and robots -- underpin our economy. "Tesla: Inventor of the Modern" is an easy read, although it is filled with insightful details. Great biography of a remarkable individual that deserve more attention.