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Jar of Hearts

This is the story of three best friends: one who was murdered, one who went to prison, and one who's been searching for the truth all these years . . .When she was sixteen years old, Angela Wongone of the most popular girls in schooldisappeared without a trace. Nobody ever suspected that her best friend, Georgina Shaw, now an executive and rising star at her Seattle pharmaceutical company, was involved in any way. Certainly not Kaiser Brody, who was close with both girls back in high school.But fourteen years later, Angela Wong's remains are discovered in the woods near Geo's childhood home. And Kaisernow a detective with Seattle PDfinally learns the truth: Angela was a victim of Calvin James. The same Calvin James who murdered at least three other women.To the authorities, Calvin is a serial killer. But to Geo, he's something else entirely. Back in high school, Calvin was Geo's first love. Turbulent and often volatile, their relationship bordered on obsession from the moment they met ...

Title : Jar of Hearts
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ISBN : 9781250154194
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 311 pages
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Jar of Hearts Reviews

  • Jen

    Lots of shockers going on here.

    One that will keep you up at night wondering how the heck this will play out.

    Well, turns out I know nothing.

    Either no foresight or Jennifer Hillier is just one damn talented thrill writer.

    What we get: body pieces; life in a women’s prison; a serial killer on the lose but targeting the one he adores. What happens when one makes a wrong decision that can shape a life like a domino effect.

    Hillier threw in a few more kinks that had me say, this is f**ed up! Kudos!


  • Carrie

    Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier is one of those thrillers that you may not want to pick up until you have a good block of free time available to read. This one was the pure definition of a page turner that grabbed me early on and didn’t want to let go causing what I like to refer to as a case of “one more chapter-itis”.

    The story is told in five parts switching the point of view as the story goes on. In the beginning readers meet Georgina “Geo” Shaw who is now an up and coming executive and eng

  • Meredith

    Creepy Good!

    “In every story, there’s a hero and a villain. Sometimes one person can be both.”

    A murder, a coverup, and a twisted relationship are at the forefront of Jar of Hearts. This book is not only about what happened the night a young girl is murdered, but also about the after effects on the perpetrator of a crime.

    14 years ago, Angela Wong was murdered. Her remains have been recently discovered, along with evidence pointing to her best friend, Georgina Shaw. Georgina is sentenced to 5

  • Diane S ☔

    Intense and unsettling. It is a little more graphic than I usually read, not terribly though, and there are a few sex scenes, which I have to admit are necessary to the storyline. Three highschool best friends, one ends up dead, another in jail, and the third serves his community. How did this come to be?

    The story is told in alternating current events with back flashes of the events that led to these circumstances. It is tightly plotted, revelations are not revealed until the author decides they

  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is

    About: Jar of Hearts is a thriller written by Jennifer Hillier. It will be published on 6/12/18 by Minotaur Books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press, paperback, 320 pages. The genres are thriller, mystery, and fiction.

    My Experience: I started reading Jar of Hearts on 3/11/18 and finished it on 3/18/18. This book is an excellent read! I love how the book is divided into different parts with its unique focus. I like the mention about a couple, Bowens, who waited to start a family and then suffered

  • Chelsea Humphrey

    This book was all kinds of messed up, and I loved it. I'm not sure what it says about me that I like all kinds of gratuitous nasty in my thrillers. Could it be that I have become so desensitized to violence, gore, and all other forms of disturbing nature that I have to keep "one upping" my reads? Possibly. Deep down, I feel like the gritty, explicit thrillers make me ponder the unsettling aspects of life more. When a book talks about some of the darkest violence you can imagine, it makes me thin ...more

  • Debra

    4.5 Stars

    "The past is always with you, whether you choose to think about it or not, whether you take responsibility for it or not. Your carry the past with you because it transforms you. You can try to bury it and pretend it never happened, but that doesn’t work."

    The past never remains in the past. The decision you make, the judgement calls, the impulsive actions, the good, the bad, the ugly, it can and will come back to haunt you. That is something that Geo (Georgina) Shaw knows all too well. W

  • Zoeytron

    Boy howdy, what we have here is a thriller extraordinaire.  Edge-of-your-seat material.  Can't-put-it-down fare.  Which is worse, the knowing or the not knowing?  Either one can drive you mad.  Calm on the outside, screaming on the inside, with each omission the soul rots a little more.  Karma - sometimes it is instant, but more often it hangs back, lingering, biding its time.  It will get you at some point.  

    This has nothing to do with the story, just a random piece of dialogue, but it cracked