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A People's History of the Vampire Uprising

A virus that turns people into something somehow more than human quickly sweeps the world, upending society as we know it.This panoramic thriller begins with one small mystery. The body of a young woman found in an Arizona border town, presumed to be an illegal immigrant, walks out of the town morgue. To the young CDC investigator called in to consult the local police, it's a bizarre medical mystery.More bodies, dead of a mysterious disease that solidifies their blood, are brought to the morgue, and disappear. In a futile game of catch-up, the CDC, the FBI, and the US government must come to terms with what they're too late to stop: an epidemic of vampirism that will sweep first the United States, and then the world.Impossibly strong, smart, poised, beautiful, and commanding, these vampires reject the term as derogatory, preferring the euphemistic "gloamings." They quickly rise to prominence in all aspects of modern society: sports, entertainment, and business. Soon people are begging ...

Title : A People's History of the Vampire Uprising
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ISBN : 9780316561686
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 432 pages
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A People's History of the Vampire Uprising Reviews

  • Rose

    Boy, it's been a long time since I binge-read something, rather than serially reading it along with a stack of 4-6 other things. But I blew through A People's History of the Vampire Uprising in less than 24 hours. I gave it 3 stars, but that's provisional. Still trying to figure out what I think of it. It started out reminding me of World War Z but then kind of devolved into the Da Vinci Code. The first part worked much better than the latter part did.

    I was riveted and read it almost without sto

  • Emily Saint-Smith

    I found myself wondering if I was suffering from some strange new illness which infects the mind as pretty much every review I've read of People's Uprising has been positive, if not gloaming - er, glowing.

    However, the members of my book club have reassured me I am not crazy - this book is bad. Badly written and even worse, badly edited.

    The biggest problem is in its structure. To all writers out there thinking about creating their own version of a multi-account fictional history: if you don't k

  • Cristina

    Someone smarter than me is going to have to explain the ending to me but I definitely enjoyed the long ride there

  • Enid

    This was an enjoyable read. I was completely immersed in the world the author created. The author obviously spent a great deal of time thinking about the implications of the rise of vampire-creating virus and how many facets of society would be impacted- politics, religion, civil rights legislation, science and medicine. The story is told from many points of view over a long time period, very much like World War Z. I greatly enjoyed the first 80% of the book, but the last bit was a bit jarring- ...more

  • Ann

    I liked this book but I did get bogged down at times. It is the story of the CDC investigating the unusual occurrence of dead bodies disappearing from morgues. Before long the gloamings are everywhere. It is a much more polite term than vampire. The book is narrated by characters from all areas, researcher, FBI agents, CDC investigators and of course the vampires. There is a little dry humor scattered throughout the book. Didn't understand the ending all that well. Vampire fans will enjoy. I rec ...more

  • April

    I got this book as an ARC at a library conference. And I wanted to like it. I wanted to love it. It’s sci-fi written by a person if color—my fave! But the writing is really rough and the plot doesn’t go anywhere and I just found the whole thing really frustrating. Plus, the author overdoes it with some of the details, especially when it comes to the virology and law bits. I can tell this was written by a practicing lawyer, but even as a lawyer myself, I just couldn’t get into it. I hope this boo ...more

  • Rachel

    Bailing 7/3/18 at page 145. The writing is okay, but I don’t find it compelling or particularly interesting. I am bored. It has a very similar vibe to World War Z, but I found that book to be more readable.

  • Brittany

    I LOVED this book. I am not one for history or even historical fiction but I was so intrigued by this book because...vampires. I was not disappointed with how amazing this book is. If you even kind of like history, historical fiction, science fiction, vampires, adventure, science...whatever your reading preference, give this one a shot. I think it just might surprise you.

    When you read this, lose yourself to it. Take yourself into the book and imagine you're in this world where vampires really d