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A House That Once Was

Deep in the woodsis a housejust a housethat once wasbut now isn’t a home.Who lived in that house? Who walked down its hallways? Why did they leave it, and where did they go?Two children set off to find the answers, piecing together clues found, books left behind, forgotten photos, discarded toys, and creating their own vision of those who came before. ...

Title : A House That Once Was
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ISBN : 9781626723146
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 48 pages
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A House That Once Was Reviews

  • Jason

    Anyone who has read my reviews extensively knows that I hate rhyming picture books but this is one of the few exceptions to the rule. I am picky about meter and I want it to be consistent. I am not a poetry person, but I appreciate well-written poetry that (if it's anything but freeform) follows the structure of whatever type of poetry it is presenting itself as. SO MANY picture book writers are SLOPPY with meter and it feels condescending to me. This book is not only not condescending, it will ...more

  • Kelly

    The illustrations were okay, but very jumbled. The story was difficult to follow at times, and I tried to look at it through a child's eyes. It didn't go well.

  • Betsy

    When I was growing up there was an empty house across the street. A melancholy, haunted structure that seemed to wear its sadness like a badge. No one ever moved into it that I can recall, and the neighborhood kids would attempt to conjure up ghost stories to match its tired visage. I never went in it. Never even peeked in the window, though I longed to. To a kid, an abandoned house is better than a snow fort, a play structure, or a climbing tree combined. An empty house has history and mystery ...more

  • Michelle

    There's something so appealing about Julie Fogliano's writing. Lyrical, yet conversational, it evokes a dreamlike mindfulness that is both here-and-now and on the edge of something that's not quite, but very nearly in reach. It transports you, puts you at ease, and fills you with hope—a tall order by anyone's standards.

    A house that once was pairs Fogliano with Caldecott Award–winning illustrator Lane Smith to create an enchanting and unforgettable story about a boy and a girl who discover an aba

  • Annie

    I do love the sad mysterious ones. Although I’m not sure I would have thought it was sad when I was a kid.

    This makes me think of my favorite Margaret Wise Brown books. I love the way Julie Fogliano plays with the poetic line, and how she dives right into the weird and unexpected stuff. And the illustrations are perfect. Just the right balance of beautiful and strange—and the imagined scenes being clearer and bolder than the images of the boy and girl exploring the house speaks more profoundly a

  • Jillian Heise

    Pair with This House, Once

  • Leslie Reese

    This gem struck me as a poetic meditation on what an abandoned house is: a place that was once a home. A place where people lived life, dreamed dreams, and made memories. It wonders what happened that its inhabitants have not returned?

    "And maybe the house is still waiting there for them.

    Waiting to hear their key in the door.

    Waiting for voices to bounce down the hallway.

    Waiting for someone to come sweep the floor.

    Or maybe it loves to just sit and remember

    stories of someone who we'll never know.


  • Tasha

    Two children head into the woods and discover an old house that is no longer a home. Once painted blue with an overgrown path, the house has a door that is stuck partly open. So the children enter through a broken window. Inside they find clues about the people who used to live there. There are art supplies, photographs, things in the kitchen for cooking, and beds that are still made. Could the owner have been a sea captain? Or perhaps a woman who painted in the garden? A girl or a boy? A king o ...more