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Love and Ruin

The bestselling author ofThe Paris Wifereturns to the subject of Ernest Hemingway in a novel about his passionate, stormy marriage to Martha Gellhorna fiercely independent, ambitious young woman who would become one of the greatest war correspondents of the twentieth century In 1937, twenty-eight-year-old Martha travels alone to Madrid to report on the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War and becomes drawn to the stories of ordinary people caught in devastating conflict. She also finds herself unexpectedlyand uncontrollablyfalling in love with Hemingway, a man already on his way to becoming a legend. In the shadow of the impending Second World War, and set against the tumultuous backdrops of Madrid, Finland, China, Key West, and especially Cuba, where Martha and Ernest make their home, their relationship and professional careers ignite. But when Ernest publishes the biggest literary success of his career,For Whom the Bell Tolls, they are no longer equals, and Martha must make a choice:...

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Love and Ruin Reviews

  • Bam

    "Why is it that a man can do his work and just get on with it, but a woman has to drop everything for her place at home or else she's selfish?"

    I actually liked this book more than I expected because it focused on the frequently-faced problem of whether a woman can still have a career after marriage. Martha Gellhorn was a budding war correspondent when she met Ernest Hemingway, who was nine years her senior and already on his second wife with whom he had two sons.

    Judging Hemingway by today's se

  • Liz

    I only moderately enjoyed Paula McLain’s last two books, but I had seen other reviews which said this book was better. But I can’t say I found it to be much of an improvement. In the beginning, Martha Gelhorn comes off as the stereotypical socialite rebelling against her background. And for all her talk of independence, Marty never feels complete without a man.

    She quickly meets Ernest Hemingway and he sweeps her into a different life. I actually had to do the math. He comes off as much older th

  • Aura

    Martha Gellhorn was Hemingway third wife and the only wife to leave him first, sort of. She was a great writer in her own right and a spunky war correspondent in a time when women didnt go to hot zones. She wrote great books and yet her work was constantly compared to that of her famous husband Hemingway. Martha was also very beautiful and understood that Ernest charismatic pull was a very dicey situation. I loved this book even more than Paula McLain's first book The Paris Wife about Hemingway' ...more

  • Esil

    3.5 stars

    I don’t usually react to books based on my like or dislike of characters. I can dislike a character but love a book because it is well written. In this case, somehow my dislike for Hemingway — as a person, not an author — affected my reaction to Love and Ruin.

    The novel is a fictionalized account of a few years in Martha Gellhorn’s life. She was married to Hemingway for four years around World War II. Gellhorn herself is fascinating. She was a war correspondent for most of her life —clea

  • Susan Johnson

    I am weary of reading about characters that I don't care about and this book has no one I really enjoyed with the exception of Martha Gellhorn's mother. I have long thought of Ernest Hemingway as the Harvey Weinstein of his generation and this book did not change my mind at all. He has no trouble sleeping around on his wife (which ever one it is at the time) and thinks the world revolves around him. He calls them nicknames like Mother, Daughter, or Rabbit. All diminish them as a person.

    Still ,

  • Whispering Stories

    Book Reviewed by Stacey on

    If I’m perfectly honest I had never heard of Martha Gellhorn until I started reading this book. I also knew little about Ernest Hemingway beyond his home in Key West Florida, the six-toed cats he kept or his boat, Pilar. Of course, I knew his novels – though I have never read any of them. So you might be wondering what made me read a book about the life of a woman I’d never heard of before and her love affair with a man I knew little about? Tru

  • Annette

    I didn't like The Paris Wife by this author. So I wasn't sure if I'd like this book. But this story of the third wife of Ernest Hemingway is so different.

    This is a story of Martha Gellhorn, a remarkable woman who “became one of the twentieth century’s most significant and celebrated war correspondents, reporting on virtually every major conflict for sixty years – from the Spanish Civil War to the Bay of Pigs, from Vietnam to El Salvador to Panama, where she covered the invasion at the age of eig

  • Dana

    4+ stars