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Ghostbuster's Daughter: Life with My Dad, Harold Ramis

From the daughter of Ghostbusters star Harold Ramis comes a hilarious and heartwarming account of his life, work, and legacy.Most of us know Harold Ramis as the filmmaker and actor who brought warmth and humor to the big screen in classics like Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, National Lampoon's Vacation, Groundhog Day, and National Lampoon's Animal House. To Violet Ramis, he was best known as an amazing father, confidant, and friend. In Ghostbuster's Daughter, Violet reflects on the life and legacy of her father, providing readers with an extraordinarily candid and insightful look into the man who helped shape modern American comedy.Funny, endearing, and vulnerable, Ghostbuster's Daughter takes readers into the personal life of an American comedy icon, from his humble roots in Chicago and his ascension into Hollywood superstardom to his personal philosophies on life, love, and filmmaking. While the book serves as a comprehensive biography of her father's filmmaking career, Ghostbuster's Daug...

Title : Ghostbuster's Daughter: Life with My Dad, Harold Ramis
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ISBN : 9780735217874
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Ghostbuster's Daughter: Life with My Dad, Harold Ramis Reviews

  • Andrew

    This book thoroughly explores Violet Ramis Stiel's relationship with her father, legendary comedy actor, writer and director Harold Ramis. The focus remains squarely on that relationship, and we learn as much about the author as we do about her famous father. While film fans may be looking for more in-depth analysis of Ramis' process as a filmmaker, and more information about the making of his films than we get here, this book gives some fascinating insight into Ramis as a father and as a man. T ...more

  • John

    I will say it is in fact, impossible to put down. Finished it in a single day. Harold Ramis was a big part of my childhood, mainly through GHostbusters 1 and 2 playing repeatedly and overtime Stripes, Caddyshack, Vacation and Animal house. He very well a major part of what my comedy through his writing and occasionally acting. His daughter is equally as cool as him, maybe more so. This book was a joy to read. Violet Ramis Stiel wrote a loving book about her and her dad. It is all not airs and gr ...more

  • Bryan Summers

    I loved this book. And Harold Ramis really came off as a good, good guy. It is a warts and all memoir but this guy doesn't have many warts. And he seems to be really grounded about the warts he has.

    That being said and the author would probably be horrified that I came away with this but man, divorce, even the most amicable (and this was pretty amicable) is devastating and destructive to kids. I don't want to be judgmental at all and Harold Ramis is a hero of mine, and my dad's divorce meant that

  • Cate

    I absolutely loved this book. Egon was my favorite Ghostbuster. It was great to read about some of his work outside of acting. I read this on the heels of Caddyshack. It was also great to see the relationships of his co-workers through his daughter. They truly had an inspirational bond. I highly recommended this book!

  • Daniel

    Occasionally interesting look at Harold Ramis but I think you have to be a super fan to truly appreciate this book. (Admittedly, I loved his work in the 80s but kind of let go post-Groundhog’s Day.) Also, I guess I was expecting a more straightforward biography and exploration of his films and/or how he worked. I guess this just wasn’t the book I was looking for.

    Instead, it’s really the story of his daughter, her relationship with Ramis, and - well - her life. If you’d like to learn more about