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Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done

"I well recall a conversation with an executive I hoped to interview about her astonishing productivity. I began our call with an assurance that I would not take much of her time. She laughed. 'Oh, I have all the time in the world,' she said."Most of us feel constantly behind, unsure how to escape feeling oppressed by busyness. Laura Vanderkam, unlike other time-management gurus, believes that in order to get more done, we must first feel like we have all the time in the world. Think about it: why haven't you trained for that 5K or read War and Peace? Probably because you feel beaten down by all the time you don't seem to have.In this book, Vanderkam reveals the seven counterintuitive principles the most time-free people have adopted. She teaches mindset shifts to help you feel calm on the busiest days and tools to help you get more done without feeling overwhelmed. You'll meet people such as... An elementary school principal who figured out how to spend more time mentoring teachers, ...

Title : Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done
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ISBN : 36665726
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Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done Reviews

  • Pamela

    I have been a huge fan of Laura Vanderkam’s work

    since her book 168 Hours. Her 100 Dreams List changes my life. Off The Clock is the perfect continuation of her philosophy on time. She breaks down the key steps to create moments that matter and how to take ownership of our lives so that they are accessible to anyone willing to do the work. If someone asks you on Monday morning what you did over the weekend and you can’t remember you MUST read this book.

  • Benjamin Spall

    I’ve been following Laura’s work for a year or two now, so I was expecting to like this book. But I more than liked it. The wisdom found within these pages is so simple yet profound. As I’ve found myself becoming busier over the years I’ve struggled to manage my time, often to the extent that I feel like I’m not getting anything done while also feeling like I’m not spending enough time with my family.

    In this book Laura shows us that yes, while we do need to get our book done, we have a lot more

  • Julie

    Fabulous ideas about how to make time "move slowly", I guess you could say. Why does time seem to fly by some days, but CRAWWWWL by on others? Can we consciously make time move slower by changing our mental perceptions of it? I love Vanderkam's books, and this one is great. I'd love to track my time/hours again, like I did after reading her 168 Hours. Some favorite thoughts (by Vanderkam, unless otherwise noted):

    "Can we alter our perception of time by interacting with it in different ways? Can w

  • Mary

    Of course I would give our daughter a five star review! But in all honesty, I did enjoy reading her latest book. I have plenty of time in my retirement but it is still good to think about many of her suggestions--making time for friends, for fun, for memories, and for family! I like the idea of thinking about the anticipating and experiencing and remembering selves.

    Right now we are in the middle of visiting all three children and seven grandchildren. We are experiencing good times and we will r

  • Sally Ewan

    I tried to read her book about 168 hours in a week, but got frustrated with the time tracking thing. (I'm already obsessive enough without filling in a grid of everything I do.)

    But this book had some nice points to ponder, and so I will do that as I go about my life. Thinking about the people in my life and how to reach out to them....not in a networking kind of way, but in a caring way. I'm not looking to achieve success through relationships, but within them. I want to encourage others because

  • Erika

    Thought provoking AND entertaining

    I really enjoyed this book. There are useful tips for making your time more meaningful and just the right amount of explanation for why it works. I thought it was very readable without a lot of excess or lulls in the action. Overall glad to have read it!

  • Abby

    I really enjoyed this book. I recommend listening to the audiobook to hear Laura’s voice. As a full-time working mother of 2 young children, I gained a lot of insights as how to make better use of my time. We reread again the future for a refresher.

  • Gina

    Although the approach was much different, this book has much in common with The ONE Thing. Keller’s book explained the idea behind the ONE Thing and detailed how it might be implemented. Off the Clock used stories, examples, and research data to make suggestions about how and what to prioritize. Together, the books have provided a lot to think about and, hopefully, act upon.