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Batman (2016-) #50 (Batman (2016) (Single Issues) #50)

Its the wedding you never thought youd see! The Batrimony is real as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are set to tie the knot in a cant-miss, extra-length milestone issue that will reshape Gotham City. All their friends (and a few enemies?) will be party to a comic book coupling for the ages. Superstar scribe Tom King officiates the sure-to-be-offbeat nuptials, joined by an all-star lineup of guest classic Bat-artists doffing their hats to the lucky couple in a series of pre-wedding flashback scenes sure to set the romantic mood....

Title : Batman (2016-) #50 (Batman (2016) (Single Issues) #50)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 39855445
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 294 pages
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Batman (2016-) #50 (Batman (2016) (Single Issues) #50) Reviews

  • BB

    I woke up to spoilers for this from the New York Times (NOT cool, NYT). Actual rating not reflecting comic; going by what the NYT said I'm disappointed, but I'd be lying if I said I was surprised.

  • Eric

    You are invited to the wedding of the Cat and the Bat

    There are a bunch of guest artist and writers with panels. It lives up to the build up to issue #50.

  • Samhain

    This issue should be renamed "Batman : How not to write an arc 101". Contrary to most people, I'm not disappointed the wedding didn't happen. DC stands for Divine Cowards after all. It's no surprise they refused to change their main title's dynamic. The recipe's worked for ages, do not try and shake things up, god forbid! Even though I had a tiny bit of hope, it's them going for it that would have been surprising. Therefore, the wedding not happening left me indifferent.

    But boy, am I disappoint

  • Sans

    The two highlights of this issue:

    1. “And you were another man asserting your will. Trying to lord over a world you didn’t understand.” Some great tea right here.

    2. Alfred sitting down next to Bruce and hugging him after delivering a sass attack.

    All told, I wasn’t impressed. It ended just like I expected it to and I heartily object to the “happy”thing. I am so ready move on and get passed the drama that NYT article caused.

  • Sam Quixote

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the culmination of months of storylines with the wedding of the Bat and the Cat. Do I take Batman #50, to have and to hold, to be as good as I’d hoped? I… don’t.

    I know, I’m disappointed too. But this bumper-sized wedding issue is unfortunately very underwhelming. Bruce and Selina prepare for their big night on the rooftops (where else to marry but the place they’ve been chasing each other for decades?) and… then there’s the end. In between?

  • Unai


  • Patrick

    Will I stop reading this series?


    This was a really weak explanation for a tired and old twist.

    I expect more from Tom King.

  • Albert

    Okay, I waited until the day after to review Batman #50 and if you have not read the comic book that was marketed as the wedding event of the year, stop now. There are Spoilers ahead!

    Tom King has taken a pretty intimate portrayal over the last 50 books with the Dark Knight and has done some serious soul searching with this character. From self destruction, to suicidal tendencies, to inadequacies, to love. Like it or not, this has been a comic book run that centers a bit more around Bruce Wayne t