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For the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem #2)

Bailey Wulfe has her blinders on, her focus straight forward, tromping through life to the future that has been planned for her since she was Turned. Shes been promised to a high-ranking wolf in her Clan, but one chance encounter with a familiar face and shes questioning everything shes ever wanted. The boy she knew as a child has turned into a monstrous man. And from the looks of Rike, his bloodline will be the death of him and everyone he encounters. Maybe she can stop his freefallif only she can get him to remember her. Rike Blackwood needs one thing to go right. His brother is a traitor and has run off, his Alpha is in transition after losing half his Clan, and Rikes own last name is poisoning him from the inside out. One steady day is all he needs, but while his Clan is coming out to the public that they are shifters, a sassy little she-wolf claims theyve been married before. Nice try, Little Wolf. He wouldve remembered being married, but she does look familiar. And now he cant se...

Title : For the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem #2)
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ISBN : 40522020
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For the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem #2) Reviews

  • Beth Fuller

    These Crows are Awesome!

    Awesome book! I can never decide which one of T. S. Joyce books is my favorite... this one has just added to that dilemma. Such a rich and layered world she has created. All connected but each able to stand on its own. The crows are magnificent and such an unlikely group of big, beastly monsters. Love, love, love them! Riker is a softie with a wicked dark underside and Bailey is a perfect balance. The females in this world are some of the best two are alike a

  • Nikki

    For the Blood of a Crow by TS Joyce is the second book in the Red Dead Mayhem Crew and is a 5 star read.

    I love everything that T writes, her books are automatic one click before I even read the blurb.

    Rike and Bailey have a past but Bailey is the only one who remembers it, but once they meet again it all starts to come back to Rike and part of him want to run to keep protecting her, but love has a way of keeping you where you need to be.

    Another of T’s shifters holds my heart and has since the

  • Monica

    Holy crap this threw me for a loop! Anyone else? Wow this was really something and I totally loved it. I love when she throws us a curve ball. There might be a spoiler or 2 so be warned!

    Bailey and Rike know each other. They were married....or hand-fasted more specifically. Years ago. Rike's Dad was a terrible dude. He did so many things to so many people. A killer. It was assumed his sons Ethan and Rike were the same. Bailey knew different though but still he left. Now Rike is a lot messed up a

  • Rebecca

    She did it again!!!!!

    For the blood of a crow was just an amazing story. It's about love and redemption and find your way back home where your heart belongs. The love Like and Bailey have for each other is so beautiful. We also can not forget how tough they are and they will battle to the death for each other. They will always be there to keep each other safe and steady. Great job alpha.

  • Raveen Vann

    So amazingly good.

    Wow as always this is yet another great book in this series. It's the second book and is Rikes story. I really do love him and Bailey. These books always leave you happy and already wanting the next book. Rike is definitely great and very protective of Bailey. This story was emotional as he had to remember painful things from his past to be the man Bailey needed him to be. Absolutely truly job well done on this story.

  • Sherill


    FOR THE BLOOD OF THE CROW - This story had my undivided attention until the blissful happily ever after. Inside; humor, action, gripping suspense, moments that tug your heartstrings, horrific danger, life-threatening moments and romance that sizzles.

    Rike a powerful crow shifter has bone-chilling memories that haunt him. A feisty wolf beauty from his past re-enters his life. Rike has no memory of the past she mentions when they meet after years apart. Bailey's dad alp

  • Marsha Spohn

    Reviewed at Shifter Haven

    THIS…this… this is why I read, no devour the sub-genre of Paranormal Romance aka Shifter Romance. This story is why I will read every book written by T. S. Joyce – I’ll even read her grocery lists, because she gives me absolutely everything I look for in a shifter romance. And if you haven’t discovered her by now… what the heck are you waiting for?

    Rike is the Second in the Red Dead Mayhem crew. His past is filled with the murderous monster that was his father, or at leas

  • Jamie McTavish

    Broken pieces can always be put back together to make something stronger.

    The best thing about T.S Joyce's words is on one level or another they resonate with her readers. For the blood of a crow is yet another example of that.

    Sometimes the brain (or in this case, the crow) knows exactly what it needs to do to protect not only itself but others. Rike may not remember his childhood & early teenage years, but Bailey does and through the turmoil of emotional baggage, together they may just be ab