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The Monster of Florence

In the nonfiction tradition of John Berendt ("Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil") and Erik Larson ("The Devil in the White City"), New York Times bestselling author Douglas Preston presents a gripping account of crime and punishment in the lush hills surrounding Florence, Italy.In 2000, Douglas Preston fulfilled a dream to move his family to Italy. Then he discovered that the olive grove in front of their 14th century farmhouse had been the scene of the most infamous double-murders in Italian history, committed by a serial killer known as the Monster of Florence. Preston, intrigued, meets Italian investigative journalist Mario Spezi to learn more. This is the true story of their search for--and identification of--the man they believe committed the crimes, and their chilling interview with him. And then, in a strange twist of fate, Preston and Spezi themselves become targets of the police investigation. Preston has his phone tapped, is interrogated, and told to leave the country....

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The Monster of Florence Reviews

  • LeAnne

    Im leaving in the morning for Italy and dare not say a negative word about the Italian police and judicial system! Great nonfiction account of a journalism project that went haywire and nearly had its authors locked away for murder. Thomas Harris based Hannibal Lecter on the monster of Florence, but at least he didnt end up arrested. Really good read. No chianti required.

  • Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten*

    Feeling an urge to reread this in the wake of seeing the Amanda Knox trial come to a close.

  • Xysea

    I found this book good at the start, but slightly dry and disappointing. The story is compelling enough be then it meanders off into nowhere, really, and ends with the investigation stalling. So, basically they went through all of that for nothing. Sometimes, real life is stranger than fiction - but in this case, it's probably more boring than fiction would be. At the end of a fictional novel, the killer would have been unmasked and good will have triumphed over evil. In this version, the evil w ...more

  • Ellen

    Interesting, but confusing. I think the most difficult thing was keeping track of who everyone was. All those Italian names. The crimes were quite gruesome, though I do appreciate that they just kept to the facts instead of sensationalizing the details. My favorite part was the very ending when Spezi was accused, but that didn't last very long.

    Content Warning: some strong language and gruesome murder details

    2018 challenge: a true crime

  • Jeffrey Keeten

    ”This is the nature of the evil of the Monster of Florence. And this is the nature of the evil in each and every one of us. We all have a Monster within; the difference is in degree, not in kind.”

    The number of victims involving the Monster of Florence are staggering, those murdered and those accused.

    We are all potential killers. Each and every one of us is capable of killing someone, usually that would be while protecting ourselves or protecting someone we love. Then there are those who live in

  • Katherine Addison


    Okay, so I'm going to start with something catty, for which I apologize, but it also serves as a pretty good tl;dr:

    This book would be greatly improved by about 80% less Douglas Preston and a concomitant 80% more Mario Spezi.

    I am NOT INTERESTED in Preston's story of the American naif whose romantic vision of Florence is ripped apart by his investigation of the Monster of Florence. This is a tired old plot--John Clute dissects it in The Darkening Garden: A Short Lexicon of Horror--and I d

  • Carlos Azevedo

    Não é um romance. É uma descrição bem feita sobre um conjunto de crimes nos arredores de Florença.

    Até aqui tudo seria normal, não fosse o caso do outro Monstro que emerge do livro ser o da justiça italiana, e a forma como a investigação descamba em ataques pessoais, teorias rocambolescas e jogos de poder na magistratura. E, helas! uma enorme semelhança com a justiça portuguesa e a sua promiscuidade com os jornalistas (estou a escrever isto num dia em que se soube que uma audiência à porta fechad

  • jb Byrkit

    Note to self: Never commit any crime in Italy!

    All kidding aside, this book was well written and full of facts (or what I assume are facts since I never followed the case). Preston did an excellent job weaving this story and it almost reads as fiction. The wildest part of the entire story is knowing the killer is still at large and depending on his or her when the killings started this killer could still be walking amongst the crown anywhere in the world.

    I will confess I do not know much about It